What Causes Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them?

Wondering what causes bed bugs and how to get rid of them? – We’ve all seen a hitchhiker on the on-ramp with their luggage noticeably displayed and their thumb out hoping to get lucky. You have the choice to pull over and help them out or take caution and keep rolling onward to your destination.

Not all hitchhikers give you this luxury of choice. Bed bugs are one such hitchhiker that might travel straight into your life without asking for permission. How rude!

Where do bed bugs come from?

What causes bed bugs and how to get rid of them?

Bed bugs are attracted to fabrics and coarse surfaces full of seams and nooks where they can easily hide giving them ease of access to infiltrating your bedroom and furniture. Travel tends to be the main way that these formidable foes make their way into your domain.

They seek out cozy hideaways in articles of clothing, luggage, purses, shoes, and other personal items.

They tend to spread in much the same way as germs or viruses. People that are unfortunate enough to be afflicted with an infestation might not even know the extent of their problem before it’s too late.

Visiting a friend with an infestation or receiving second-hand unwashed items from an infested household might be the source of the scourge

Infestations start small and unnoticed but may quickly spread to all areas of your home or business. Their name can be a bit of a misnomer as they can immerse themselves in any fabric-covered or carpeted area and make themselves at home. Beds aren’t their only targets.

Bed bugs are infamous migratory pests. They can sleuth their way throughout apartment buildings and hotels unnoticed. These little itchy devils can also spread through close contact with other people in densely populated areas like public transit.

Unfortunate victims sometimes resort to fingerprinting and the blame-game but many run-ins with bed bugs aren’t easy to pinpoint their origin.

How to get rid of them

What causes bed bugs and how to get rid of them?

What causes bed bugs and how to get rid of them? – Don’t be overwhelmed. Bed bugs aren’t to be taken lightly but you can win in your battle against these parasitic pests.

First, you’ll want to throw every article of clothing, bedding, linens, curtains, and fabric into the laundry. Bed bugs die at 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash on hot. Dry on high heat. They will need to be exposed to prolonged consistent high heat up to 90 minutes in order to ensure their mortality.

Before making your next plan of attack, assess the severity of your infestation. How many rooms have the problem spread? Check your sheets and the edges of your bed and furniture for their excretion stains. Carpeted rooms are more difficult to treat than hard surfaces.

If you have a particularly bad case of bed bugs you might want to look into having your place professionally treated., Your exterminator will likely suggest that you bring in your furniture to the center of the treated rooms so they can thoroughly treat the corners and edges.

It is extremely important whether you invest in professional help or your undertaking the problem on your own that great attention to detail is paid to be as thorough in your cleaning as possible. It takes only one surviving egg to bring back this pesky problem

What else can you do on your own?

What causes bed bugs and how to get rid of them?

Vacuum your carpet and dust regularly and thoroughly. You’ll need to focus on cleanliness and consistency if you want to vanquish this enemy. You are unlikely to get rid of your bed bug problem in one sitting.

Remember to be patient but relentless in your battle against bed bugs

Bed bugs love to get all up in your seams and creases. Take a stiff wire brush and thoroughly scrape the seams and edges of your bed. They lay their eggs in these sorts of places.

You can treat your bed and furniture with pesticidal sprays designed for furniture and clothing or you can treat with high sustained heat with the help of a steamer. Typically a multi-faceted approach to eliminating bed bug infestations is better than a singular attack.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth can be dusted into carpets, furniture, curtains, hardwoods, or at the feet of your bed. Most experts recommend investing in a powder duster if you don’t already have one. This white powder is comprised of pulverized fossilized aquatic creatures known as diatoms.

When insects come in contact with it they receive abrasions to their exoskeletons that inevitably dry them to death. Diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective non-toxic weapons against bed bugs and it’s quite affordable.

Enough is enough

What causes bed bugs and how to get rid of them? – Severe infestations may require more effective yet less desirable pesticides and foggers to be used. Whatever the extent of your infestation, make sure that you are thorough and consistent in your attack. Leave no mattress unturned. Wash every sheet.

Steam clean those carpets. Most importantly, don’t give up. See this fight through till the end.

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