6 Hiding Places That Bedbugs You Don’t Know

Bed bugs have increasingly become a household nuisance. Unlike the traditional belief that they come about as a result of dirt and filth, these pests can invade even the cleanest houses, vehicles, offices and hotel rooms. One of the fastest ways of bedbugs to spread is through humans. If a person has them in their houses, they can carry and transfer them to different other areas. For instance if a person wears clothes with bed bugs on them he is most likely to transfer them to other people that they sit next to or onto a chair. They will then crawl on to a new host and the cycle continues. The best way getting rid of is by first identifying their secret hiding places and attacking them at their breeding spots.

1. Wall Cracks
Bedbugs like hiding and one of the areas that they feel comfortable in is on wall cracks. It is hard to spot them here so they breed and multiply. In this case, it is advisable to first getting rid them then fill the cracks with cement. If not, they are likely to move back in on the cracks and start the cycle all over again. Once all the cracks on walls are filled, you deny them a breeding place whereby they might migrate out of your house.

2. Seam of Mattresses
This is the most common hiding places for bedbugs. First of all, this is a convenient place for them in every sense of the word. Mattresses are warm hence creating a conducive environment for them to breed and survive. Bedbugs cannot stand high temperatures as they die so a warm comfortable place is ideal. On the other hand, this is the best place for them to feed and have their young ones feed too. It is convenient for them to feed on unsuspecting hosts like sleeping humans whereby their chances of hitting back after a bite are less likely. This gives them a chance to feed for as long as they want undisturbed.

3. Public Vehicles
The fact that there are hundreds of strangers sharing the bus seats all day means that there is a big chance that one of them is hosting bedbugs and will transfer them to the seats of the bus. When the bugs crawl on to the seats, the next person to sit on it becomes the new host and the cycle continues. It is therefore advisable to have these thoroughly cleaned and inspected every now and then. This way, the cycle is stopped once as they are denied the chance to multiply and survive.

4. Seams of backpacks
Bedbugs basically prefer places that they are less likely to be noticed and this includes edges of backpacks. The seams are also a conducive feeding spot for them. They can creep up and crawl under the host’s clothes for a feed whenever they want. They can even transfer from one host to another this way too. The backpack is also a great place for their eggs to stick to and secure their little ones.

5. Clothes
Bedbugs also prefer to hide in clothes. They can easily feed off of their hosts whenever they need to and also crawl from one person to another. In this case, they easily hide on the seams and hems and only crawl around in search of food. When worn, clothes create a warm environment too that is ideal for their survival and breeding. Their young ones can easily survive and feed all at the same time.

6. Furniture Joints
If you suspect the presence that bedbugs in your home, you could start off by looking at the joints and cracks of wood and metal frames of furniture. These little pests like hiding in these areas as they can hardly be noticeable. The joints and cracks on furniture also create an ideal opportunity for them to crawl up to unsuspecting hosts and feed whenever they want. This is also a great place for them to hide their young ones until they are ready to crawl up for a feed on their own.

Once you identify these hiding places and confirmed that they indeed are present, you can use any of the many methods of removal getting rid it. The vacuum cleaner is a great method to suction them out of walls and furniture cracks. If on clothes, you could put them in a black garbage bag and freeze them or expose them to high temperatures like directly under the sun.

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