What Those Signs and Symptoms of a bedbugs Infestation?

Because of that reason, you should know some signs of a bedbugs infestation. By knowing about these signs, you are able to remove these bedbugs from your house quickly. Many studies show that bedbugs can be identified easily. You only need to take a look at some of these signs in your house closely. Here are some common signs that may having during this infestation.

a. Itchy skin

This is the first common symptom that may having when you are attacked by bedbugs. You may feel itchy into your skin. Itchy skin is one of the most common symptoms that you can notice easily. This itchiness usually appears several days after you are bitten by bedbugs. When you suffer from this skin problem, you may feel warm into your skin. The sensation is pretty similar with the symptoms of other bites from other insects.

b. Blood stains around your bed

When there are some bedbugs around your bed, you may find some blood stains on your bed cover or bed sheet. These blood stains may come from your affected skin areas or their body. Whenever you find some blood stains on your bed cover, you should be careful with these insects. Therefore, it is recommended that you use light colored bed cover. Light color can help you identify blood stains on your bed cover quickly. In most cases, these blood stains are usually bright red in color. These stains can be identified easily by your naked eye.

c. Musty and smelly odor

This is another common sign that you should notice when there is a bedbugs infestation inside your house. If you have sensitive nose, you should be able to detect smell and musty odor from bedbugs. These insects may produce hormones for attracting their other friends. These hormones may produce musty and smelly odor. You should notice that there are some bedbugs inside your bedroom easily by smelling this odor. The odor is not similar as the odors from other insects. This smelly odor cannot be removed from your house quickly. It is a persistent odor that may stay inside your house for long period of time.

d. Bed bug egg shells or shed skins

It is a common situation when you find some egg shells or shed skins from bedbugs. These items can be found on your bed cover easily. They only have small size, but they are very noticeable. It means that you do not need to use microscope to take a look at these items. Whenever you find some unusual body parts on your bed cover, you should be sure that there is a bedbugs infestation inside your house. These bedbugs may leave some parts of their body on your bed cover easily, for example shed skins and egg shells.

e. Red spots around your skin

You may have red spots around your skin after you are bitten by bedbugs. These red spots may appear into your skin immediately. They usually occur in several spots. You should be able to find these red spots easily, especially if you have light colored skin. Some red spots are not itchy. This is another common symptom caused by bedbugs. In order to ensure the bedbugs’ bites, you should discuss with skin doctors. Your dermatologists can give you the right conclusion about some red spots into your skin.

Those are some common signs and symptoms that may having when you are bitten by bedbugs. This insect should be removed from your house as quickly as you can. Most bedbugs can cause some health problems, including skin problems. It is a good idea that you can professional pest control company to remove these animals from your house. There are some high quality pest control companies in Singapore that you can choose easily. Different companies may have different methods in removing bedbugs from your house. You should compare some of these companies before hiring the best one for eliminating these animals from your house quickly.

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