How To Prevent Termites Infestation?

How To Prevent Termites Infestation? Termites mostly feed on woods if they are damp or dry. They are not very visible to the human eye naturally as they are very tiny in size. By the time we notice they already cause a lot of damage.

Getting rid of them is very hard but if you follow some simple rules you can surely be able to prevent termite infestation.

Causes of termite infestation

  • There are different types of termites that we can see in our homes: dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean. If any types of this wood are in your house it will cause termite infestations if not prevented.
  • If your house is in a humid and warm weather conditions area then it’s more likely to get a termite infestation. This weather causes moisture in walls and wooden items.
  • The foundation that touches the ground can be more prone to termite infestation. As termites come from the soil and they grow using dirt and mud. The foundation that has a wooden base is similarly getting a termite infestation.
  • Pipe leakages or cracks in your house can cause water damage to wooden areas and walls and it can cause termite infestation. The termites can come inside of your house with these cracks by building mud tubes.

Prevention of termite infestation

How To Prevent Termites Infestation?
  • Regular checking

Checking and cleaning your house is very important to prevent termite infestation. If you locate any mud tubes in your house then they have colonies built in that place. clear them out immediately. Look for damages in your wooden furniture or surfaces. if it fills hollow from inside or hole in any area it is probably caused by termite infestation. You can call a pest control service if you feel you can’t control the situation.

  • Fixing leaks

Look for leaks in your house and fix them. If your roof is leaking it’s making your house store water and moisture. Look at all the corners of the house and seal the leakages. make sure all your walls are waterproofing and protected from weather damage. If they cause termite infestation then you have to call pest control or rebuild the walls after spraying with pest control solution is safe.

  • Foundation safety

If your house foundation is close to a muddy area or at the surface area then you can put a safety net between them when building the foundation so the termites can’t go through that. Building the concrete foundation will be better as termites can’t get through. Remove any contact of wood from your foundation. plants, papers, wooden stacks, trees, cardboards should not be touched to the ground or walls.

  • Vinegar solution

You can also use home solutions to prevent termite infestations. You can use your kitchen item vinegar that can be used as a sprayed formula to remove the termites.use vinegar and lemon juice and make a spray bottle. Spray the formula in places you see termites, the acid will kill those termites. Make sure to clear the termites afterwards.

  • sodium borates

You can use sodium borates as pest control. You can get it as a power and drizzle it every day where you locate the termite infestations. It can kill termites and prevent their growth. you can use it in your woods before installing them anywhere. Using it before painting the woods can prevent termites infestation very well.

  • Sun exposure

You can put any item that has termites in the sun as the termites don’t like the heat. Any furniture or wooden item can be put out in the sun for several days to remove the termites. Use termite sprays and clear the affected areas to prevent further infestation.

  • Clearing out the house

Clear out unused and cluttered out from your house. Maintaining the house can help you prevent termite infestations. Any old newspaper, magazines, cardboard, books, old paper, unused furniture can cause a product to throw them out of the house. If items are affected by termites then clean them and kill the termites instantly without removing them to another place. If you move them or throw them it can cause the area affected.

How To Prevent Termites Infestation? – Conclusion

How To Prevent Termites Infestation?

At the end of the day, you should ensure your house is safe from termites when you start building. Call for pest control support and obtain help to take precautions beforehand. Later on, you can use these methods to maintain your house free from termite infestation.

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