How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply?

How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply? The bedroom is one of the most intimate places of your house. That is the place where you relax and take a rest. How will you feel if you find out that your bed is infested by creepy bed bugs? These bugs depend on the hosts (you) to thrive.

Your blood is the meal for these bugs. Isn’t that gross?

It is natural to feel irk but also you have to take some immediate measures to get rid of the bugs instantly. So, how fast these bugs multiply? This is an important thing that you have to know as you need to take action faster than you think. Read on to know more about this.

How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply?

How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply?

The straight answer to this question is quite fast but may not be the fastest. In a normal condition of the male mating with female bugs can lay about 4 to 7 eggs every day. But these bugs hatch their eggs once every 10 to 12 days.

So, depending on the climatic condition or weather, the bed bugs can become adults after 20 to 60 days. The female bugs, at this time, start to hatch for themselves. You can, thus, imagine that in about 90 days you will have about 1,200 to 1,600 strong and mature bugs.

Under a normal condition, a female bed bug can lay about 200 to 500 eggs in the entire lifetime. If you don’t get rid of these bugs immediately, then they will keep on multiplying and this will increase their number. With the increased numbers of the bugs, the infestation can get more and more serious.

The numbers mentioned here can speak for themselves how fast these bugs can spread or multiply. If you notice the bugs or any signs of their existence, make sure to call a pest control service immediately.

Signs that you have bed bugs

How will you know whether or not there are bed bugs in your house? There can be different signs for the existence of these bugs in your house. Sometimes you can notice the bugs walking around. But that happens when the infestation has become quite serious and you will already know.

But you can stop the infestation from growing if you notice the signs properly. Some of the signs that you have to notice are:

  • Stains of blood: Do you notice there are some blood stains in your bed sheets or pillow cases? This is probably one of the major signs that you have bugs. As they fed on blood of the host, it can leave a stain behind while they are crawling around.
  • Rusty dark spots: The bed bug can leave some dark spots that are rusty or brownish in color on your sheets and pillow covers. Even you can notice these spots on your walls. If you notice some, then the infestation has started and you have to act fast.
  • Fecal spots and others: Do you notice egg shells and dead skins along with fecal spots in your bedding? This is a sign of high infestation. When the infestation is for a long time, you can notice these spots and egg shells. You have to act immediately and call for a service.
  • Musty odor: The presence of the bed bugs is a complete nuisance. As much as it is irritating that they feed on our blood and lay eggs in the bedding, they also release a musty odor. This scent comes from the glands of these bugs. If you are getting some unusual scent from your bedding, it is time for a thorough inspection.

Call a pest control service

How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply?

Based on the above information, it is quite clear to you that these bugs can multiply quite fast. In case you notice any signs of infestation, you have to immediately call for help from a professional pest control service. There are some great services available and you can shortlist some of them based on the criteria such as:

  • Experience
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Advance equipment or tool
  • Emergency service
  • Insured and licensed

How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply? – Conclusion

How Fast Do Bedbugs Multiply?

Once all these points are ticked, you can contact them for further information and details. Ask them their price and compare. This will help you to get the best idea about which one to choose. But don’t make any more delay and call them immediately! You need to get rid of these bed bugs as soon as possible.

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