How to Get Rid Of Bedbugs Fast?

How to Get Rid Of Bedbugs Fast? In Singapore, it can be challenging to recognize the infestation of brown flat crawling bloodsucker, bed bug, in a house as you can find them in the smallest crevices and cracks in your home along with your bed. Before trying any method to get rid of bed bugs fast, first of all, you should ensure their infestation in your home. It may take a few days to end their infestation once you are sure about it. Getting rid of bed bugs is very challenging because they can survive for up to one year, even if they do not get any meal. Moreover, they grow at a very fast speed as a female bug lies from 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime.

How to Get Rid Of Bedbugs Fast? –
Identification of the infestation of bed bugs


You can correctly identify the infestation of bed bugs in your home from the bloodstains on the bedsheets and pillowcases. Usually, they come out of their hide at night and remain active throughout the night and go back to their hide before dawn. Though it is not easy to spot them when they come out during the night they leave stains of the blood sucked from the sleeping person’s body on the bedsheet when they get crushed while trying to bite him. One can identify the presence of bed bugs in his home through the bloodstains on the bedsheet as well as swollen red spots on his body where they have bitten.

How to Get Rid Of Bedbugs Fast? –
Choosing the method of getting rid of bedbugs fast

You can get rid of bed bugs fast with two methods, DIY methods or hiring a professional service. Most people opt for the DIY method due to its inexpensiveness.

Things to do in DIY method


When you use DIY method to get rid of bed bugs fast in Singapore, you will have to do a few things like:

  • Do housekeeping carefully by washing your curtains, bedsheets, soft toys and clothes by using high-quality detergent and dry them in a high-speed dryer
  • Fabric drapes, upholsteries, and carpets are vacuumed carefully and regularly
  • Check the presence of bed bugs in your bed by removing its sheets one by one
  • Keep your beds away from the wall
  • Avoid placing luggage near or on your bed
  • Avoid putting clean and dirty clothes in one place
  • Avoid moving your bed or furniture to avoid spreading of infestation of bed bugs

But most of the time DIY methods are considered ineffective as the risk of infestation of bed bugs continues in your home. The main reason behind this failure is that bed bugs hide in very small gaps like gaps in bed frames, and furniture as well as in the seams of mattresses, etc.

Most people get stressed and frustrated by such failures. In such cases, they have to hire a professional service to get rid of bed bugs in Singapore.

Benefits of hiring a professional pest control service


People in Singapore hire professional pest control services to get rid of bed bugs fast due to various reasons like:

Experienced and trained technicians: The pest control technicians of a professional service can help you in getting rid of bed bugs in your home on the basis of their experience of many years and their extensive training. They use their knowledge and skills to choose the right method of controlling the infestation of bed bugs as they understand their habits. They use materials developed as part of an effective program of pest control treatments.

Use of advanced pest control program: After inspection of your home and identifying the infestation of bed bugs they use an advanced program to control the infestation of these pests. They spray insecticides at the common areas of infestation of bed bugs including carpeted areas, skirting of walls, crevices, and cracks, joints of furniture, mattress corners and frames of your beds.

Prevention of problem: After treating the infested areas they will ensure the protection of your place from the bed bugs by using a steam treatment process to prevent their infestation in the near future. The steam treatment method can help in removing not only adult bed bugs but also their eggs and larvae.

In this way, you can get rid of bed bugs fast in Singapore by hiring a professional pest control service.

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