How Can We Tell If Our Home Has Been Infested By Bed Bugs?

If you think that there is a bed bug infestation in your house but, you’re not 100% sure about it, then you can try looking for some basic signs or traces of these pests. Knowing where to look for and what to look for, as a part of bedbugs signs, is vital because it will enable you to tackle the infestation quickly. Bed bugs are small nocturnal creatures that invade your house, bite you all over and do not allow you to sleep soundly. They are deep brownish-red in color and have a flat tiny body, which allows them to hide between bedding, mattresses and other surfaces easily. This implies that they can hide anywhere inside your house thus, making it hard for you to find them. However, here is some tips that can help in indicating if your house is infested by bed bugs. Once, you are sure about the infestation, you should hire a pest control company. They will look for the bug’s breeding grounds and perform their extermination job meticulously.

Tips to Tell If Your Home Is Infested With Bed Bugs:

Bug Bites:

Itching is the initial sign. Bed bug rash starts with an itching sensation. The rash can be sensed few hours after the bite. It emerges as a, small, red and round bump and the rash spreads all around the affected region. If you see many bites marks then it would signify that you were bitten by several bed bugs.


Bed bugs release an obnoxious, sweet-smelling, musty odor. You can find this odor under the mattresses, headboard, furniture or near any cracks or crevices in the house.

Search For Traces:

Though these creatures are tiny they can produce a lot of wastes that can be seen quite easily. The wastes comprise of tiny dark spots found on the bed sheet, mattress, pillow covers or linens. You can also find traces of blood on the bed sheet, if the bugs are accidentally crushed by you when you twist or turn, in your sleep. You can also determine their existence by spotting the skins that are shed by the bugs.

Search Their Lairs:

If your house is infested by bugs, then they would be hiding somewhere in the house. Their common hiding places are crevices in the bed, mattress, folds in the linens, curtains, carpets, furniture and many more. So you can use a flashlight to check these places and find out if they actually live in your house.

Use Tape:

One foolproof way to establish if the bugs are present is by using a carpet tape. This tape is double sided and is generally used to keep rugs or carpets in place. You can lay down the tape in strips near their hiding places for a few days and check to see whether they get stuck to it.

After you confirm the existence of bedbugs in your house by using the above mentioned methods; the best thing for you would be to contact a reliable pest control company. Always choose a pest control company that is capable of doing all types of tests to confirm the infestation and assess its severity. With all kinds of chemicals, tools, methods and knowledge, their skilled staffs will be able to treat your pest problems in the fastest, safest and most effective ways.

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