What Are Bed Bugs and How to Eliminate Them?

What Are Bed Bugs and How to Eliminate Them? Bed bugs are parasites that inhabit human homes. These parasites behave like almost in a similar way as the nocturnal insects. The bed’s bugs are parasites that enjoy living in warm areas and most cases at the edges or between the lines of our beds. They have behavior that almost resembles that of ticks, fleas, or lice. They make humans their hosts where they suck blood for survival. Th host has deprived off nutrients, and once they suffocate the host, they change their environment and probably migrate to other hosts.

These bed bugs are mostly inhabiting warm-blooded animals such as rodents and bats. Bed bugs are good survivors, even in the absence of much supply of oxygen. They are capable of surviving under areas with a limited amount of oxygen. They behave like anaerobes and, therefore, can inhabit a house without occupants and still survive as they await a new host for continued survival.

Bed bugs are common and are found in the five world continents. Bed bugs have several species. Bed bugs are said to survive in dirty areas, but this is just a myth. Bed bugs are organisms that, in most cases, deprive their nutrients of human blood o any other primates. It is a misconception to have it in mind that bed bugs can infest only dirty areas. Beg bugs in developing and less developed countries are staying the homes or the nests of the birds or bats. These places make the houses belonging to humans prone to infestations by the bed bugs.


After bed bugs became a threat to humans that brought diseases to them, the world becomes more severe and decided to develop ways to reduce their risks to humans. Insecticides and DDT were introduced that were used to reduce the effects and manifestations of these parasites. After reaching the highers height of bed bugs, developed countries have also been fighting these parasites after they started returning to them as a result of global warming. Therefore there are good reasons to fight against these harmful insects. There are some of the tested ways that can quickly help terminate these bed bugs in our residential areas. Here are some of the tested ways for how bed bugs are eliminated.

What Are Bed Bugs and How to Eliminate Them? –
Detecting the presence of any bed bug at home


In most cases, bed bugs stay around the bed crevices. If you have itchy skin or white or red marks on your skin, then there might be the presence of bed bugs at your home. It is good to note that other insects such as mosquitoes can also cause such irritations and red and whites spots after they suck blood from your skin.

So, if there are so mosquitoes in your area, then this marks the right time for you to start finding a way of fighting these threatening animals off your home. Their color can as well confirm their presence. They have a very sharp red color, while others appear to be dark brown. Always check under the mattress of your chair cushions. They mostly hide in bedrooms and disappear, especially when lights are on and reappear after the lights are on.

What Are Bed Bugs and How to Eliminate Them? –
Narrow your search further after identifying their presence in your house.

Take your sheets outside your home and wash them thoroughly.It is good to remove using the hot treated water to make them suffocate under warm water. They cannot survive under exposure to high temperatures.

Use the steam vacuums on your sofas and mattress


It is good to let a professional do this task for you. These experienced bed bug terminators can use their expert skills to terminate the bud bugs within minutes.

Ensure this is done in your presence to insist on the areas that require much attention. If you can do it yourself, then make sure to follow the right procedures and wear the right gear to ensure you do not harm your respiratory system.

-Maintain proper sanitation and hygiene

Make an effort to clean your mattresses and chairs regularly. It is advisable to expose your beddings and sofas at high temperatures. Bed bugs rarely survive under those high temperatures. Expose the outside your backyard and see if you can see them moving.