Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs?

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs? Bed bugs can sometimes be found in carpets although it’s not easy to determine their actual location. They hide in carpet fibers due to their large surface area. To remove bed bugs from your carpet, thorough cleaning is required.

However, before you even think of cleansing your carpet, you should ensure that that your furniture is bed bug-free. To clean and remove bed bugs together with their eggs from your carpet, you can either use steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners silica gel, and double-sided tapes.

Bed bugs tend to look for a safe place in the carpet where they congregate. Some of the areas where bed bugs hide in carpets include carpet corners, cracks within carpets, space between the carpet and table legs, and underneath carpet corners.

How to remove bed bugs from your carpet

Simply vacuuming your carpet isn’t only what is required to kill bed bugs. Vacuuming will just throw them away. Removal of bed bugs from carpets is a more complicated process that requires a lot of planning and execution of various steps.

First, you must prepare your home to ensure that the bed bugs don’t re-infest your furniture, clothing, or room again. It’s therefore essential to eliminate bed bugs in your bedding, furniture, wall cracks, clothing, and mattress.

Spray all these items and leave them for quite some time and later check to see if there are some visible bed bugs. Below is a guide on how to remove bed bugs from your carpet:

Clear your room completely

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs?

This is the first step that is of great importance. Remember that some of your possessions or furniture may contain bed bugs which can then easily move to your carpet immediately after cleaning.

After removing all your possessions completely, ensure you inspect them properly, and spray the appropriate chemicals to kill the bed bugs, and leave them outside for quite some time. This way, they’ll die especially if the sun is scorching.

Use a double-sided tape

This is a standard do it yourself treatment procedure for bed bugs. There is no equipment required which makes it an easy process to eliminate bed bugs in your carpet. A double-sided tape is similar to a regular tape although its two sides are sticky.

This tape is put on the carpet surface from where bed bugs get stuck after stepping on it. You should, however, put the tape in such a manner that the bed bugs won’t fail to go through it.

Use silica gel

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs?

This step is essential and involves the spreading of silica gel or other carpet powders on the entire carpet to eliminate these organisms

Bed bugs can live long even without food and without even getting dehydrated these gels will speed up the dehydration process and thereby eliminating them quickly.

The silica gel works by scratching the thin outer coating found in the shell of bed bugs which assists them in conserving water. The gel should last for about 24 hours to work as required.

Vacuum cleaning

Depending on how the bed bug infestation is, the level of vacuuming required will vary. If there’s a high infestation, intense vacuuming is required.

However, you should note that vacuuming doesn’t suffocate or kill the bed bugs but rather reduces the general infestation by removing bed bugs hiding in carpet fibers. Vacuuming also removes bed bug eggs attached to the carpet and thereby reducing further infestation.

Apart from this, dust and other debris where bed bugs find hiding places are removed.

Steam cleaning

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs?

Although shampooing your carpet can eliminate both the bed bugs and their eggs, it’s equally important to use hot water in the cleaning process. Look for a heavy-duty steam cleaner that will kill all the eggs first.

You can rent the steam cleaner or hire someone with the equipment to steam clean your carpet. Steam cleaning will eliminate all bed bugs since they are much sensitive to heat.

Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs? – Conclusion

In conclusion, these are some ways that can assist in removing bed bugs from your carpets. These nuisance organisms should be well eliminated to prevent future infestation. A slight mistake during the carpet cleaning process can result in their emergence.

It’s, therefore, essential to remove all your belongings from your house and thoroughly spray them to kill the eggs and the organisms themselves even before you get to the carpets.

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