How Long Does It Take To Remove Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs stings are very unpleasant and may end up depriving you of your comfortable sleep. In Singapore, cases of bed bug infestation are very common since the climate and weather patterns offer a good atmosphere and environment for their breeding. Singapore residents should constantly peep under their beds, tables, chairs and in their mattresses to look for these terrifying creatures in order to eliminate them before they multiply and become nuisance.

The big question is, “how long does it take to remove bed bug?” Research carried out indicates that the time taken to getting rid of these creatures may take a several days or the duration can extend to a couple of months. In many cases, it depends on the strategy you will use to kill the bedbugs. However, if you want to getting rid of the bed bugs in the shortest time possible, ensure that you follow the steps below.

*Identify their breeding areas before they affect you
The easiest way to identify the affected areas is by using an ordinary flash light. Bedbugs are like vampires which love staying in dark areas. If exposed to light, you will see them move around trying to find an enclosed area to hide in. Most professional exterminators use a device known as pyrethrum flushing unit’ to reveal the bedbugs hiding places but if you do not have this device, you can always use a torch as it serves the same purpose. The most common areas to find bedbugs are the bedding. It is recommended to take your bed apart in order to expose them and prevent them from hiding in areas not easily reached. But how do bedbugs look? For those individuals who have never seen bedbugs, they are light brown insects that mostly turn reddish if they have fed on blood. They have a flattish appearance and their size is about 5mm.

*How to kill them
There are several easy ways to kill bedbugs. One of the most efficient and eco-friendly way to kill them is by applying the non toxic food grade Diatomaceous Earth on the areas you have identified to be bedbug infested. This chemical compound works through dehydrating the pests hence killing them.

The second way to kill these pests is by spraying pesticides on the affected areas. This way may cause health concerns, thus it is advisable to use all the necessary health measures when spraying the pesticides.

However, the most advisable way to eliminate these pests is by engaging pest control professionals. In Singapore, there are a lot of pest control companies that may assist you in eliminating these pests. Always ensure that you seek help from known companies that guarantee a sure and complete job. Look at the company’s profile and its review before seeking for their assistance.

*Controlling their spread
This is the final step. Bedbugs are known to lay a lot of eggs. Even though you have killed them, some of their eggs may remain undestroyed and after a short time infestation will definitely continue. To minimize this risk of re-infestation, ensure that you destroy all the bedbugs plus their eggs. This is the surest way to stop bedbug infestation in the shortest time possible. However, it is not easy to achieve this since some of the bedbugs and their eggs can be in areas where the insecticides can not reach them. So, what can you do? It is imperative to be vigilant and always check on the pests. In addition, you should always maintain cleanliness, tidiness and good hygiene. Bedbugs are known to thrive well in dirty environment. Thus, if you maintain good hygiene, you will be creating an environment that is not suitable for their survival. It is also advisable to use vacuum cleaners when cleaning the hiding areas for these pests so as to remove all their eggs and kill the remaining bedbugs. Also, you can use hot water to wash the bedding and allow them to dry directly under the scotch of the sun.

However, on extremely rare occasions; if the bedbugs become difficult to control, you can destroy the infested mattress or bed and get a new one.

With these tips at the back of at the back of your mind, you will definitely eliminate bedbugs within a short duration of time. Good luck Singapore residents in your efforts to kill and control these hazardous pests.