Will I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs If I Throw My Mattress Away?

Anyone who has interacted with or been faced with the problem of bed bugs knows how irritating and distressing they can be. Besides sucking off your blood and leaving itchy spots behind, bed bugs are a nightmare to get rid of. They are relentless and persistent and killing all the population is never easy. Many ways have been proposed to deal with these little unpleasant creatures that are also a source of public embarrassment. From boiling water to chemical sprays and natural eradication, bed bugs have been known to resurface. Throwing your mattress away and relocating to new residences does little to eradicating them. However, there are various solutions one can apply. Most cases will require involvement and assistance of professional pest control personnel. We offer special pest control services for bed bugs, termites, rodents and other creepy creatures. It is, however, important to understand a few things about bed bugs before attempting to eradicate them.

The bed bug attack

There is no primary known cause of bed bugs in most homes, commercial places and hotels. In fact, the only known situation occurs when these bugs are carried to new residences while hidden in clothes and other items. Bed bugs are common in the bedroom since they are drawn to your blood and suck you off at night or even during the day when resting. They attack the mattress and bed frames where they lay their eggs and multiply at incredible rates. They can also appear in the sitting room and other areas that contain furniture and pretty much any hidden joints that favor their existence. While bed bugs can die from excessive heat and cold conditions, they have been known to resurface from time to time and can be deafening to deal with. Some people resort to changing their furniture and throwing away their mattress hopping to be free of these bugs. These attempts are never successful as only a tailored pest eradication approach can finish them. With the changing climatic patterns that are characterized by long periods of summer and high temperatures, bed bugs can only be expected to increase in many residential and commercial places. You do not necessarily have to be a poor housekeeper for bed bug attacks. A single bug hidden beneath your pouch or cloth seams is enough to cause you years of sleepless nights if the situation is not controlled.

Bed bug control and eradication

While some people believe bed bugs cannot be fully eradicated, their resolutions are untrue. With the correct use of safe pesticides, pest control processes and practices, you can effectively transform your home into a bed bug free environment. There are various considerations to make before using any control and elimination option available in the market. Most pesticides are very harmful when they come into contact with your body which then requires a high level of professionalism and care in using them. It is always advisable to contact an experienced pest control company licensed and authorized to offer their services in that location. These companies offer sufficient protective garment to their personnel and apply various processes and pest elimination plans.

At BedBugs.com.sg

We specialize in offering professional bug control measures and pesticides that have been proven to be very effective in reducing and eliminating bed bug populations in residences. Our pesticides comprise of less harmful products and green solutions that are known to exploit bed bug breeding sites to kill live bugs and destroy their eggs. There are various processes involved in bed bug eradication. Some of them include inspection, clearing items, packing, hand picking, space treatment, space fumigation, poisoned bait and biological elimination among many others. Throwing your mattress will not solve anything but only introduce a new favourable breeding environment. You need a defined and structured solution which involves the use of safe pesticides and practices that will yield desired results. We offer our services to residences, offices and commercial places such as restaurants and hotels since bed bugs can attack any place with joints.


When looking for bed bug eradication companies, experience, license and professionalism are the key things to consider. Some companies have no legal license to provide such services and will generally use pesticides and processes that are not to current standards. This may have adverse negative effects on your health. Moreover, wrong techniques may spark a resurgence that is more devastating then before. It is therefore your chief priority to contract professional services only.