Where Do Bedbugs Come From

Wondering where do bedbugs come from? Bed bugs are small wingless insects that are flat in stature and have a reddish-brown color. They measure about one and a half inches long or approximately the size of an apple seed.

Bed bugs hide in beds during the day. They hide in mattresses, bed frames, box springs, headboards, and also in crevices and cracks that may be on the walls of a house.

Once they remain hidden during the day, they start being active when darkness comes by moving to the bed area where people sleep on.

They bite on human blood which they survive on and the bites are irritating and when they bite, one is left with a strong urge to scratch the affected area. They are not known to spread any disease but they can be a menace when they infest a bed because they keep biting and making the person lose sleep.

While they cause irritation and lack of sleep, bedbug bites can cause allergies to some people thus causing complications for someone’s health depending on the reaction the allergy has on their body.

They are certainly not pleasant creatures to have in your home because you will not know peace when sleeping there at night.

Where Do Bedbugs Come From?

Bedbugs have been in the world for thousands of years and have been causing a menace to human beings. They are present in people’s homes, schools, hotels, offices, retail stores, and virtually every location where human beings gather.

Their only diet which they must feed on to survive is blood and they will, therefore, attack any animal that is warm-blooded including birds and other poultry.

Also, bedbugs can also travel for long distances because they latch themselves on suitcases, clothes, shoes, vehicles, and move with these items to the destinations where they go to. This is the reason why the spread of bedbugs is easy and fast.

While you may maintain a clean environment in your home, you might pick them up through your traveling bag on an airport lobby and bring them to your home.

The bites from bedbugs can be confused with those of other bites from other insects and pests which makes it difficult to fight bedbugs because it can take a while before noticing their presence.

Their populations grow quickly and are usually unnoticed hence the ability to spread very fast.

How bedbugs spread to homes

There are many ways through which bedbugs end up in people’s homes. Since they do not fly, they can only attach themselves to items such as furniture, clothing, suitcases, and other items that move from house to house for one reason or the other.

They are most common in public places that are frequented by different types of people such as recreational parks, airports, tube stations, hotel rooms, schools, restaurants, and any other public place.

Once a person visits any of these places, they jump on to their clothing or any item that he or she is carrying and once the item reaches the house, they quickly transfer themselves to the new environment in which they make their new home.

How to Avoid Bedbugs in your home

Where Do Bedbugs Come From?

The first thing you should ensure is present in your home is cleanliness and observing the basic rules of having a clean environment that you live in.

Taking precautions by ensuring that all items coming into the house are cleaned and disinfected is the first step to ensuring that bedbugs do not find create a home in your residence.

This applies to new furniture or any other fittings that you may have purchased from the stores. Also, you should have a cleaning up area where you clean up when you come back from home before entering the house’s main living room.

Where Do Bedbugs Come From – Conclusion

Where Do Bedbugs Come From?

Also, when you are traveling, ensure that you place your suitcase on a stand rather than placing it on the floor or the bed. Bedbugs find it hard to climb through metallic structures and they may not reach the location of your suitcase if placed on a stand.

Once you finish up with the travel trip, all your clothes should be cleaned up and dried using a hot drier to ensure that no creature has jumped on them.

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