Where Can I Find Reliable Bed Bugs Company?

Bed bugs have existed for thousands of years since they feed on human blood but they are not known to spread any disease. These insects are small, reddish-brown in color, flat and about one quarter inch long. Bed bugs are known to hide during the day in various locations that include mattress seams, crevices and cracks of the walls, furniture, bed frames, box springs, headboards and floors. Bed bugs can come from used furniture and other infested areas. It is very easy to carry them since they can hitch a ride in your purse, luggage, backpack or upholstered surfaces.

According to a research carried out recently, it showed that 85% of the bed bugs infestations are commonly found around the bed. You can inspect for infestations in or near the beds in your bed focusing on mattress, bed frame and other areas. You are advised to life the mattress and inspect all the seams as well as box spring. The study also showed that 15% of the bed bug infestations can be in upholstered furniture such as baseboards, carpets, under wallpaper, wall hangings, bedroom cabinets and other hiding spots.

BedBugs.com.sg is the most reliable company in fighting bed bugs in your home. They are fully licensed by the government of Singapore to get rid of bed bugs in your home. It’s important to avoid dubious companies that claim to have the expertise in bed bugs control management. These companies can cost you more than you had budgeted for due to their hidden charges and sub-standard job. Unlicensed companies can expose your family to healthy risk and hygiene problems. Bed Bugs Singapore are known to use the right chemicals that are safe and environmental friendly. This ensures that your family, pets and the environment within your home are not exposed to any health risk.

Incase of you confirm that there is bed bug infestations in your home; you should let the situation be managed by professional bed bug controllers. Managing this situation can be daunting task that requires professionals to remove and treat all infested materials, and also follow up this process by monitoring in order to ensure that bed bugs are successfully eliminated. Once you hire Bed Bugs Singapore, they will employ various non-chemicals methods that include heat treatment, vacuuming, steam treatment and sealing up all hiding places. They will apply insecticides to eliminate serious bed bug infestations. It is important to note that professional beg bug controller have access to a wide of insecticides that are very effective even to insecticide resistance bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Singapore use the latest machines to eliminate all the bed bugs. Some of these equipments include steam cleaners that can also be used to clean furniture and mattresses. Remember using your vacuum cleaner at home will rarely kill all the bed bugs. Commercial heating services are offered by this company in order to treat all the rooms in your home. The effective temperatures used by these services are about 140 degrees F for three hours which eliminates bed bugs and eggs. These professional bed bug controllers use inorganic materials such as boric acid and silica gel to give excellent control when applied to crevices and cracks.

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