What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home?

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home? The thought of termites should bring terror to the hearts of homeowners living in Singapore for good reasons. You can face a lot of problems if you have got termite infestation like uneven ceilings and sagging floors and walls.

They leave behind wings and feces which can lead to more problems. Thus, identifying you have a termite infestation is necessary. You need to take steps to remove them before they do major harm which will take a lot of money to fix once you ascertain that you have found termites in your home.

Here ways to know if you have termite infestation along with things to do when you find termites in your house have been discussed. So, read on to know more on this subject.

How to know if you have a termite infestation?

Your wooden furniture will suffer the most if you have got a termite infestation. If the wood with which the furniture is made up is damaged, then you will hear a hollow sound when you tap on it. You will also notice buckling if termites damaged the wooden material.

You need to go in front of doors, windows, and other access points to see if there are any small piles of discarded wings of termites. If you find them, then you are dealing with termites in your home. The presence of mud tunnels is generally created by termites and is a tell-tale sign that you have a termite infestation.

Often mud tunnels can be found on walls that are situated near the foundation of your home. Besides these, there are many other ways by which you can know for certain if you have a termite infestation or not. You can act accordingly once you are aware of your situation.

What to do if you have a termite infestation?

Here is what you need to do if you have termites in your home to ensure you can deal with the problem accurately and effectively:

Types of termites

The first thing you should do is find out what type of termites are infesting your home. You can deal with the problem quickly and effectively when you know what type of termite you are dealing with. There are many ways by which you can tell what type of termite you have.

You can search for the answer once you have observed and jotted down the characteristics of the termites you have.

Source of the infiltration

You need to find out next where they are centralized. You can find termites generally on the floors or walls or in the foundation. Termites can even enter your household with any piece of furniture. If any furniture is the source of the termite infestation, then you should immediately throw it out.

If it is too expensive or sentimental, then keep it in direct sunlight for a couple of days. This should get rid of the termites for good. The termites can come from outside of your home like from a termite-infested tree located too near to the house. Try to remove this source as quickly as possible.

Removing clutter from your home

You have to declutter all your rooms if you have termites in your home. This will expose all the once-hidden areas of your room. You can inspect the room thoroughly as there is no clutter. This step will benefit you if you happen to find more termite infestations.

This will also give you an idea about the magnitude of the termite problem you are dealing with. So, you can act accordingly by doing this. Besides, in the process of decluttering, you will also get rid of old magazines, cardboards, and useless papers which are breeding grounds for termites.

Getting rid of moisture

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home?

Termites and other such pests are attracted to moisture. So, you need to remove excess moisture from your house to keep termites at bay. From time to time, you need to turn on your air conditioner during the daytime to maintain a cool temperature throughout the home.

This will help you to remove excess moisture from the indoor air. You can invest in a dehumidifier as well to remove excess moisture.

Fixing any sort of leaks

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home?

If you keep any leaks as it is for a long period, then it will decay the house. You need to stay away from leaks and decays in your home. It can make the walls laden with moisture and decay the roof. These situations act as the perfect host for termite infestation.

So, you need to fix/seal any leaks that are present in your house. You should pay extra attention to leaks in the basements. It is easier for termites to attack the basement area as it is closest to the ground.

Treat it yourself

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home?

Getting rid of termites should be your priority if you have found any degree of termite infestation. The good news is you can take care of this problem yourself. There are many over-the-counter termite killers that you can use to get rid of the termites in your home once you found them.

They come with simple instructions. All you need to do is follow the instruction and you might get rid of this problem. As mentioned before, you can keep the infected item under direct sunlight for a few days as well to get rid of them.

Professional help

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home?

If you do not pay attention to your termite infestation, then it will lead to huge damages that will require a hefty amount of money to resolve. Thus, if you have failed to remove termites on your own or if you do not want to take the risk, then you should consider taking help from a professional.

A qualified professional will have the necessary tools and insight to handle the termite situation promptly and effectively.

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home? – Conclusion

What To Do When You Find Termites In Your Home?

There you have it; these were everything that you need to do when you find termites in your home. Your first step should involve knowing for sure if you have a termite infestation or the problems you are facing has a different cause. There are very simple ways by which you can tell.

You should take the help of a professional if you are having a problem figuring it out yourself. If you indeed have a termite infestation, then there are some things that you need to do. So, do take the necessary help from this guide to take the next step accordingly.

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