What Causes Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small flat parasitic home pests that live on human blood. Usually they live in the seams of mattresses, frames of bed, joints of furniture, beddings, clutter in bedrooms and carpets etc. when they are inactive. They are called bed bugs because they are found in abundance in the beds and beddings but they are not confined to bedrooms only. Their presence can be identified easily with the help of black or dark brown stains of blood on the linens and mattresses caused by crushing under the weight of person lying on the bed.

In Singapore, some people are of the view that these small insects can be caused due to dirty environment but it is not perfectly true in case of bed bugs as filth do not attract them like flies and mosquitoes. You can find them anywhere as they can live in any setting if their source of food is easily accessible. Bed Bugs need blood not only for their survival but also for breeding but they remain at one place to get their food as they cannot fly like flies and mosquitoes. In order to get their food easily these home pests hide themselves near the source of their food and come out to get it conveniently when they think it is safe.

But it is not easy to answer what causes bed bugs as they can come into your home through a number of sources. Lack of awareness of the carrier of these small insects can be the main source of their infestation in a new premise. You can easily keep them out of your home if you know about their presence in your home.

From where bed bugs come

The exclusive source for dwelling of these bugs is human being. You can find them throughout the world not only in underdeveloped countries but in developed and advanced countries also. But the question is how they come in contact with human beings. According to some people cinemas and hotels can be the biggest source of their infestation but there are several other sources also that can help in increasing their existence in your home or at any other place. These sources may include:

Means of transport including trains, buses, cruise liners, cabs, planes can taxis
Community halls
Office buildings
Fire stations
Universities, colleges and schools
Day care centers
Nursing homes
Police stations
Government buildings
Theaters and cinemas
Family member’s home
House of a friend
Workplace etc.

When one visits any of these places, these tiny insects hide in their clothes and are carried from one place to the other. Once they are transport to a new place their infestation becomes easy as they multiple very quickly. Moreover it is not easy to see them initially as they are very small in size and they have transparent skin. But as they grow in size you can easily see them unless they hide themselves in the clutter or seams of your bedding, mattresses as well as various other hide-outs in your home. They use clutter or filth as their hide out otherwise they have no interest in it. Usually these home pests are found at neat and clean places like your bed or furniture etc. When they grow older they can be detected easily.

The ways you get bed bugs in your Singapore home

Being hitch-hike by nature bed bugs usually travel from one place to the other by getting hitched to any human being regardless of the place and time. However, there are certain places where you can find them in abundance like:

Hotels and resorts:
 Hotels and resorts are at the top position in this list as you can find bed bugs easily at these places. Whether the hotel or resort is well maintained and clean or not you can bring them to your home by spending a night in them.

Transportation systems:
 Whether you travel in government run public transport or private run, there are great chances of meeting as well as recognizing the presence these tiny insects in them. You can see the signs left by them to ensure their presence.

Through guests: 
Bed bugs can come into your home unknowingly whenever some guests come to stay with you. They may carry these insects from the transport they have travelled in or from their own home. If the guest brings bedding with him then it can also be a good source of infestation of these bugs in your home.

From friend’s home: 
The home of your or your kid’s friends can also be one of the main reasons of increasing problem of bed bugs in your home. You or your kids can serve as carrier for the bugs to bring them in your home. You can prevent their infestation just by checking the seams of the items you have brought from your friend’s home.

Your place of work: 
You can also bring bed bugs into your home from your work place. You can avoid them easily if you know how to recognize them. They usually bite either in group or in line and cause rashes around the place of their bite.

Used furniture: 
If you have bought second hand or used furniture from a roadside shop then the chances of infestation of these home pests increase considerably in Singapore. Their presence can be recognized easily with help of the castings shed by them, stains of blood and black colored lines or bands. Gap in furniture is the second best place to find bed bugs after the seams of your mattress and bedding.

Community halls:
 Certain public places like community halls etc. can also allow you in Singapore to find the signs of presence of these insect. You can recognize their presence with their shells, deposits of black fecal and stains of blood etc.

So, if you want to eliminate bed bugs from your home then you must call a pest control service in Singapore as soon as possible. Though you can also try to get rid of these home pests still it is advised to call a professional pest control company as they are well equipped with the tools and strategies required for this purpose.