What causes bed bugs?

What causes bed bugs? Bedbugs have been known to exist since biblical days. They are thought to be eradicated in most countries but unfortunately, they have become a major issue in many cities around the world. Many people have discovered everything they should know about bedbugs but still they simply can not get rid of them!

Places crowded with people
Bed bugs tend to like places that are crowded with people. Cleanliness has little to do with where they live – it’s food supply. They were once associated with places with poor sanitation for example flop houses and sub standard motels, but now they’re not unwilling to move into a multi-million dollar home. Much like roaches, they’re in whenever there is something to eat, with no barriers, for example chemicals that kill them.
Warm blooded animals that live in your home

Any warm blooded animal residing in your home can work as a magnet for bedbugs and can lure them out of their hidings and spread to areas they’d not normally go.

The steps you take to protect your bedroom against infestation will almost certainly lead bedbugs to other areas of your home in search of food. Factors like body heat and pheromones will guide them to places where pets gather and relax.

Contacts with infested furniture in hotels
Bed bug infestation can start from different sources. Probably one of the common types of attack is through contact with infected furniture in motels, hotels along with other places where people stay on temporary places. Actually, a recent rise in bed bug infestation may be directly connected to the increase in amounts of people who travel frequently. These people carry bed bugs in their luggage. But it is rare to find bed bugs in clothes that people are wearing at a given time. Clothing that is put in bags facilitate bedbugs in travelling and spreading. Another major source of bed bugs is the exchange of clothing or furniture between people.

Hiding places around the house
Small cracks and fissures are perfect hiding places for bedbugs and their small size enables them to to hide easily. Boxes, furniture and luggage can easily cover up the joints and cracks which are used by bed bugs as their hiding place. Used mattresses and furniture are seen as the best places for bedbugs to hide in where they can also enjoy travelling to a new home. Even vacant apartments are yet another host of bugs and can as well make their move easy to the adjacent rooms or apartments through holes within the walls. Joints and cracks present in a room might help bugs to maneuver as well.

How to go about controlling bedbugs?

Bed bugs control will always be challenging, because to locating them and finding their habitats and hidings is already a tough thing to do. The best way to kill bedbugs would be to prevent your hands from doing the crime and employ a pest control professional who is able to kill them effectively and without creating any other health hazards.