What Are Those Symptoms That BedBugs Bites?

The problem of bedbugs is growing day by day in Singapore. Though they do not spread any kind of disease but still their bite is much irritating as sometimes people scratch their skin causing cracks and injuries on it. Main symptom of bedbugs Bites is the itching skin with reddish appearance. Normally people experience it on their shoulders, arms and back. Most of the times bedbugs instead of biting here and there bite in straight rows. Some people with sensitive skin get allergic reaction on their skin after bedbugs bite. Before discussing more on the symptoms and signs of bug bites you should know about bedbugs and their infestation.

Introduction to Bedbugs

bedbugs are small insects, brownish in color and oval in shape, which suck animal and human blood for their living. Normally these bugs have flat brownish body but after sucking blood they swell and appear reddish in color. Though you can find them on walls, ceiling and floor but mostly they are found in your beds and that is why they are known as bedbugs. Female bug lays dust particles like eggs in hundreds throughout her life. A nymph, an immature bed bug, before getting maturity sucks blood every time it sheds its skin. Normally they get fully developed within a month and annually produce more than three generations.

Place of existence of bedbugs into your house
bedbugs are so small that you can not detect their entry into your house. They can enter through your clothes, luggage, old furniture and various other things. They usually hide themselves into tiny spaces due to their flat structure. Though they do not need any nest to live in like ants or bees but they live collectively in their hides. Most common hiding places for a bed bug are frames of bed, stitching of mattresses, head boards and box springs because they can easily get human blood at these places for their living. With the passage of time they may spread in other parts of your home where they can get blood for their living. But in no case you can judge the cleanliness of the place on the basis of their presence as you can find them even in immaculately furnished and maintained houses and hotels. 

Biting time of bedbugs
Normally bedbugs bite at night when they get enough time to get blood for their living. They pierce their long beak into the skin of the sleeping person and suck blood several times until he is satisfied. bedbugs Bites are normally painless unlike the bites of bees etc. but it starts itching later on. They bite freely on any part of your body unlike flea which bites mostly around ankles. Most of the people who do not recognize the symptoms of bedbugs Bites normally blame mosquitoes for the red spots appearing on their body which were not present last night.

Thus if you are suffering from bedbugs Bites in Singapore then you can contact a pest control company to eradicate bed bug from your home.

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