What Is The Most Efficient Method To Kill Bed Bugs?

Fact, Bed bug problems are becoming common in Singapore. You might have woken up one day and noticed a small insect that emits an unpleasant odor. Bed bugs are scientifically called Cimex lectularius or Cimicidae, these are insects that feed blood from warm-blooded animals through piercing on its host’s skin. We, humans, are the most ideal to be their hosts because we are warm-blooded and are less likely to sniff them out unlike other mammals.

You might have experienced getting bitten by bed bugs or you might have them crawling creepily under your mattresses, but you don’t know how to eradicate them entirely. There are several Pest Control methods available in Singapore. However, are there other things that you can do to eliminate these blood-sucking insects?

What Is The Most Efficient Method To Kill Bed Bugs?

There are easy procedures which we can use to treat and control bed bugs. First is by using the Integrated Pests Management (IPM) approach where a cyclical process of using preventive measures, sanitation, and chemicals are applied to the site. Next, you can use rubbing alcohol as it kills them on the spot, but leaves their traces on the site. Another fast way is by using a steam machine. You can point it directly at the site where the bed bugs thrive and the machine’s steam can do the trick. Silica Gel could also be applied to the infected areas. You can apply silica gel on your mattress, around the bed and along the walls. When touched, the silica gel will stick to the bug and it cannot be shaken off, this will cause the bug to get dehydrated and die.

If these processes don’t eliminate these pests, you may consider using insecticides. Insecticides can be applied to the cracks, crevices and other sites where the bed bugs may have hidden their eggs. Penetration of the insecticides can be increased when the area is cleaned off of dirt and debris. Since it is difficult to find all of the hiding places and some of the hidden eggs may have hatched, Insecticide application should be repeated regularly if bed bugs are still present two weeks after the initial treatment. Since bed bugs inhabit in fixtures and furniture, it is necessary to make sure that the affected items have been rid out of bedbugs as they can become the new source of infestation. In some instances, furniture may need to be disposed as these items could have been infested for a long time and cannot be recovered anymore. It is advisable to discard these items and inspect other home furnishings for infestation.

The help of an expert exterminator or a pest control company will be the best choice if any of the procedures listed above did not eliminate the bed bug infestations. Since a Pest Control Company is experienced in terminating bedbugs, they know where and how to look for pests and they know how to effectively manage the infestation. You might have to assist the professionals in some ways, such as allowing them access to your home for inspection and treatment, and cleaning up the site for them to focus on the extermination

Lastly, you must learn techniques to prevent bed bugs infestation in the future. Some of these techniques include inspecting acquired second-hand furniture, regular examination of your house for possible pest infestation and regular home cleaning.

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