How To Solve The Problem Of Bed Bug Infestation And Preventing Them From Recurring

Recurring bed bugs are a nuisance that you’ll have to deal with if you don’t know of getting rid of them. The bite is itchy and makes sleeping impossible at night. It denies you a restful night while you need to look at your best the next morning when going to work. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how getting rid of these insects in the long term. They often engage in temporary remedies hoping that the insects would go away. 

If you do that, you’ll be frustrated for no apparent reason. So the earlier you learn how to finish these tiny insects, the better it is for you. 

In Singapore today, the problem of bedbugs is becoming real. Many people complain about bed bugs recurrence. So that leaves us with one question. Is there any help for them? Fortunately there is. Forget about those people who will tell you that you can only control bedbugs instead of getting rid of them. 

But it’s something that’s going to take months as opposed to a night or two. A single bedbug can live up to 18 months on a single bedbug meal. They are highly resistance to starving, and that means dealing with them is going to take longer than usual. These ugly insects will hide in cracks and crevices and breed their eggs therein. 

What is the solution?

Firstly, you can’t gets rid bedbugs on your own. It’s an exercise that requires teamwork. So forget about one man fighting a battalion in their hundreds. And don’t throw away your bed just because it has been infested. It’s too expensive for you, and secondly, they will invade your new bed too.

Place clothes in a dryer
Put every cloth inside a dryer for 10 minutes on average. Then wash the clothes and have them dried again. The high temperature will kill the insects and any eggs that might be hiding inside the clothes. After you are through with drying your clothes, keep them inside bags for a period of one month. 

Invest in protect-a-bed mattress covers
They are bedbug-proof and hypoallergenic too. When you use them to cover your bed, any bedbug trapped inside will not come out, and so will die when they finally reach their starving point. They may be costly, but are cheaper compared to buying a new mattress and a new bed. And the good thing about it is that bed bugs cannot nest inside them. The smaller the population of these insects, the more likely you are going to gets rid of them soonest. 

Use glue boards-the paper ones
You can place pad under each leg of as many furniture items as possible. Couches, bed frames, desks, chairs, etc, are a perfect candidate for this exercise. This enables you to focus on where infestation is likely to occur. If you don’t see any bed bugs after some time, it’s not a sign that they are gone. Remember that they can lie dormant for one and a half years. But wherever they are, you’ll notice bed bugs stack in the glue, closest to the legs of the furniture. The more they are trapped, the better it is for you. 

Bring in the experts
You might have tried everything possible and the problem appears to persist or recur. If this is the case, you may want to source for help from the professionals. There are lots of companies in Singapore that are experienced in handling bed bugs. Professional exterminating companies will arrive in a matter of minutes upon contacting them. 

Hiring experts may be your best bet because they use very expensive and highly trained dogs to sniff out where bed bugs may be hiding. These dogs also sniff out any crevices that may be hosting bed bug eggs. The main reason why bed bugs recur is because the chemicals you are using to gets rid bedbugs do not penetrate deep into the crevices, so the eggs remain alive and hatch after some time. 

It’s best to finish these insects that bother you when sleeping at night. You kill them and you gets rid of their eggs.

There are actually numerous options to gets rid bedbugs at singapore. You only need to find a method that works for you, and you’ll be set.

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