Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs?

Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs? They are among the most dreadful possibilities that anyone can have! They’ve got an awful reputation for all the bad reasons. They can get caught easily even if you’re not searching for them, but if you haven’t met them, you’ll get terribly annoyed when you do. Bed bugs are infamous for their itchiness.

They’re highly uncomfortable and require a lot of cleaning. So it would be a great idea for learning about these little mites. The best way to avoid them is to prepare in advance. These are hard to avoid. Whether you’ve chosen a fancy hotel or a cheap hostel, you can seriously get bitten through their itchy pincers.

Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs? –
Let’s firstly learn about these insects

Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs generally hide within cracks found in and around the bed. Their presence can’t be felt in the daytime but they’re famous for attacking at night and they bite exposed skin for feeding on blood. It’s best to have eyes peeled as adult bugs are also little. They’re flat, oval-shaped, and can grow to be more than 5mm long, around the size of an apple seed. Bed bug’s colors can vary around red, dark yellow, and brown.

Beg bugs are highly annoying insect species and you can easily prevent a bed bug encounter in the Malaysian region:

The best beg bug solution is to completely avoid them.

You won’t have to get scared about finding yourself with the beg bugs as you’re making your way around Southeast Asia. You’ll need to gather knowledge with a positive attitude. Practical things are there that can help you in the prevention of infestation to your belongings.

Selecting the right accommodation:

Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs?

While researching hotels and hostels, bed bugs must be among the points for evaluation. All you’ll require is to be clever regarding the search:

Check out online reviews of a hostel for seeing whether someone recently mentioned bed bugs in the comments. Check for the time when the comment got posted and later see whether the hostel replied to say that situation is dealt with. You won’t have to avoid the hostel because you’re seeing a review with bed bugs as the hostel shouldn’t be blamed for bringing bed bugs by travelers from another hostel that might have been sneaking in their luggage and clothes.

It is vital to ensure that the hostel previously dealt with the situation appropriately. Getting rid of bedbugs is quite cumbersome and the key to exterminating them is knowing their weakness.

  • Tiny bed bugs are known to be quite sensitive to extreme cold and hot temperatures.
  • They have porous skins and they easily catch dehydration. Also, bed bugs show slow movement when they’re seen, so you can catch them easily.
  • For little furniture pieces, you can move light mattresses. You can take these on the lawn to the sun. The heat can easily kill off bed bugs.
  • For large mattresses, you can take sheets off while wrapping them in cling film for preventing bed bugs from feeding, while starving them.
  • A steam cleaner is known to work great on furniture and mattresses as well. You can douse boiling hot water in cushions, pillows, and little wooden furniture pieces for ending bug infestation.
  • Rather than squishing the visible bed bugs which are highly gross, you can spray rubbing alcohol on them. Ethanol or rubbing alcohol can be used without dilution on bed bugs that are visible. Alcohol is known for dehydrating them after drawing out moisture through their skin.

Also lookout for the eggs

Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs?

It would be a good thing to not overlook the eggs! If you wish to have magnification glass, finding these would be a lot simpler, but when you’re not having them, you’ll still be able to spot these while carefully looking. A helpful tip to look for eggs would be the use of a flashlight. When you’re searching for minuscule white eggs, these would be pinhead-sized. You won’t notice any jumping or long-distance flight from these bugs. They’re renowned for moving host to host after crawling.

Talking about crawling, the bed bugs are easily able to spread to other people and places as well, as they’re able to make houses in luggage, bedding, furniture, and clothing.

Should I Be Scared of Bed Bugs?Conclusion

Just only all the research that you’ve done about the accommodation doesn’t mean that you’re remaining on the standby for bed bugs possibility. You need to be a little dramatic and vigilant. For maybe a bit, but it’s better to remain safe than being sorry!

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