How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Coming to My Home?

bedbugs are a nuisance to many people in Singapore. They exclusively feed on blood and cause certain diseases in the process. For instance, they cause allergic reactions on the skin such as rashes. Bedbugs can also cause you extreme discomfort as they bite you constantly and unexpectedly. This discomfort can seriously irritate you leading to severe psychological stress.

A recent survey in Singapore revealed that bed bug infestations were high in hotels, schools and public premises. The survey found that hotels and public premises were the most bed bug infested areas in Singapore. However, the survey also revealed that household infestations were on a steady increase. For example, 40% of all the flats in Block 51 in Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng ward, Tanjong Pagar GRC are bed bug infested.

It is thus increasingly becoming a priority for you to prevent bed bugs from coming into your home. You should try to save your family from all the troubles that come with bed bug infestations. Luckily, we have devised a couple of tips to help you keep your home bed bug free. These useful tips are as follows.

You should always check your hotel room for bed bugs before you decide to stay in it.

As the survey shows most of the infestations are in hotel rooms. You should not just accept accommodation in any room. You should only be comfortable in a bed bug free room. You are highly likely to bring back bed bugs from your hotel room into your home if you just decide to stay in any just hotel room.

You should carry out a simple but effective evaluation of the state of cleanliness of the room once you have a hotel room. Check for bed bugs on the mattress or along the mattress seams. Look behind the bed headboard, you might just find a family of bedbugs breeding there. Check out the furniture in the room. Is the furniture clean and free of bedbugs? Finally, avoid putting your luggage on the bed or on the carpet floor as much as possible. This is the easiest way for bed bugs to get into your stuff.

You must handle your clothes carefully once you have come home

bedbugs are essentially hitch hijackers. They will hitch a ride on your clothes and will only hop off when they have entered your home. You should therefore treat your clothes as potential bed bug carriers.

Do not dump the clothes you have one with the rest of your clothes once you get home. Put those clothes in plastic laundry bags. These plastic bags prevent the bed bugs from escaping. When the time comes for you to do your laundry take those clothes directly from these plastic laundry bags into the washing machine. Put the washer on the highest setting possible i.e. a setting as high as the fabric of your clothes can handle. This helps to ensure that the bed bugs die during the washing.

Do not take off your clothes on the carpet, bed or on furniture. Do it on a hard surface where the bed bugs cannot simply jump onto the next material and hide.

You should ensure that your luggage and personal items are bed bug free

Your clothes are not the only potential bed bug carriers. Your personal items and luggage are also potential carriers of beg bugs. To avoid bringing home bed bugs please ensure that you wash all the items in your suitcases. Vacuum any item in your suitcase that you cannot wash. Scrub all your suitcases very carefully with a special focus on seams and folds.

Thoroughly check new furniture is for bedbugs.

Furniture stays in one place for a long time. People check out furniture while sitting on it, touching on it or even lying on it. It is therefore likely that the furniture brought into your home may be bed bug infested. Please clean it thoroughly with soap and water or vacuum it first before allowing it into your home.

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