Is Bed Bug Afraid Of Sunlight?

Who would like to turn a good night’s sleep into a nightmare because of bedbugs. If bed bugs have been the constant cause behind ruining your night’s sleep, understanding the creature and its behavior can help you to gets rid it. If you are not aware about the presence of bedbugs in your household, a few simple questions will help you. Have you been feeling itchy while being on your bed for sometime or are you irritated for not being able to sleep due to constant itching? If yes, your bed has become home to bedbugs. 

the bedbugs are very small insects that do not catch human eye easily and are parasitic in nature that is they feed on the blood of humans and other animals that are warm blooded. It derives its name from its preferred dwelling place that is beds or other places which are used for taking rest and sleep.

Bed bugs continue to be a nuisance for the people of Singapore even though they thrive well in temperate climates. What’s more? These bug are not for a particular season and once they run into your bed, they have to be dealt with carefully to eliminate them completely from your abode. These insects conceal themselves within the folds of bed linen and come out just before dawn to suck on their host’s blood. The worst part is that these bugs can live even without eating for months together and lay eggs in the place of their habitat that is the bed linen. However, they do not pose any threat to human life.

Well, realized that you having bedbugs hiding in your bed linens, then it is better to gear up to erase their existence completely. Remember, bed bugs can come along with the people who visit your house. Therefore, it is always better to wash your linens with warm water and soap and vacuum clean your sofa, cushions, mattresses and anything else that can be a possible habitat of bedbugs and leave them under the sunlight for as long as possible.

Believe it or not, bed bug is afraid of sunlight. It is proven that bed bugs are killed at high temperatures that exceed 1000 F. After you have exposed them to sunlight for a long time, don’t forget to beat your bedding stuff lightly with a stick. This will cause the bedbugs to fall off. Once this process has been completed, use a vacuum cleaner to clean your linens and mattresses.

Thankfully, scorching sunlight is the biggest enemy of bedbugs, which is available in plenty to all and does not involve any cost. Bed bugs are scared of sunlight and like to stay in the dark and humid environments. Stuffing your rooms with furniture and other objects may not leave enough space for air and light to penetrate and there might be spaces where sunlight and fresh air may not reach. Allow sunlight to come into your house and warm your furniture. Rotate the objects regularly so that light can help to kill the bugs and prevent their crowding into your favorite resting zones.

It is not possible to gets rid bedbugs in hurry, patience often helps. What is required is to make the best use of sunlight, whenever possible. Simple practices like regular washing, vacuum cleaning and exposure to plenty of sunlight are sure to make the elusive task achievable. It is even better, if you can make use of gadgets that remove moisture. Since bed bugs need moisture to survive, air conditions can be used to remove moisture. Nooks and crevices in the walls should be sealed to leave no place for these mites to live and breed.

In Singapore, people often resort to chemical treatments which can be extremely hazardous for human and animal health. Sunlight is not only the most natural way to gets rid bedbugs in the shortest possible time, but also the easiest means to remove moisture in the beds and mattresses. Further, sunlight has been used for ages to kill germs and even preserve food items. If you are looking for a hassle free and a full proof remedy, sunlight is your answer.