6 Simple Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs

There are many people who have problems with bed bugs in Singapore. You might be one of them who want to prevent any bugs from your house. In this article, there are top 6 simple ways to prevent any bugs from coming to your house. Bed bugs can be harmful for our body because they can suck our blood and lead to some serious infections. Therefore, you have to remove them from your house. Here are some of those effective ways.

1. Sun-dry your beddings

You also need to sun-dry your beddings. There are many cases where these bugs can grow on the beddings. You need to dry your beddings regularly. Sunlight is very effective to destroy bugs effectively. Therefore, you should place your pillows, bed linens, and any other furnitures under the direct sunlight.

2. Dry heat your clothes

Bed bugs may also grow on your clothes. If that is the case, you need to dry heat your clothes. Applying dry heat with some driers can help you kill all bugs. Heat is very effective to facilitate the death of any bugs. You can also use hair dryer to remove any bugs from your clothes. In some cases, you may need to bring your clothes to the laundry service to clean them properly.

3. Use alcohol

This is another ingredient that you can use to remove bed bugs. You can simply take the alcohol and apply it directly to your furniture. When you see some eggs of these bugs, you can also apply alcohol directly to those eggs. Alcohol is very effective to kill any insects.

4. Use encasement

You can also use some zipped plastic wraps to cover all fabrics or other furnitures in your house. This encasement method is very useful to increase the level of carbon dioxide within the encasement. Therefore, you are able to prevent any bed bugs from growing inside the encasement. However, you also need to clean the encasement regularly to remove any dead bugs.

5. Call professionals

There are a lot of professional services that are able to help you remove bed bugs from your house. It is essential to find the best company that has high reputation among all people who want to remove these bugs from their houses. Hiring these professionals can be the easiest way to eliminate all bugs from your house.

Those are some effective tips that you can use to remove any bed bugs from your house. These bugs should be treated well in order to avoid any health problems caused by these bugs. Therefore, you have to take a good care of your furnitures in order to prevent the growth of these bugs.

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