How To Get Rid Of Termites In Singapore?

Get rid of termites in Singapore through these simple steps

Termites dwell in damp conditions and act as a nuisance for many householders in Singapore. It is mainly due to the hot and humid environment of the South Asian country, which receives rainfall for most part of the year. As a consequence, it leads to favourable conditions that help termites survive; and subsequently becomes a headache because they eat away all the timber or expensive furniture of the house.

They reside in the deepest corner of the precious furniture and deteriorate it slowly, but gradually. At that point, termites control becomes a necessity to destroy all of them for a care-free future. However, the main question that comes to the mind is how to get rid of termites in Singapore. The answer to is simple. Below is a list of smart tactics to adopt in these kinds of bothersome situations:

a.) Create a trap – Termites reside in nests under the ground level in the foundation of your house or office. They are attracted to timber; and for this reason, you should prepare a bait of cardboard or timber. You should sprinkle some water over it to create the suitable damp conditions. Later, place the prepared objects strategically in different segments or corners of the house. After three to four days, you should remove the trap and dispose it off at a safer place. For maximum benefit, you should burn off the wooden board in a secure manner.

b.) Sunlight is a perfect remedy – Termites love to reside in dark places; and you should try to create open spaces for the furniture to have a better exposure to sunlight. This can easily be done by rotating the furniture periodically to ensure that it is heated for maximum output. Singapore is mostly cloudy; and you should try to make the best use of this technique whenever possible. It is the best known natural remedy for termites control in a short period of time.

c.) De-moisturise your abode – Singapore has a humid environment; and termites need moisture for their survival. De-moisturising your room with the help of air-conditioners or other related equipment can help to keep termites away in a comprehensive manner. There might be sections in the wall that shows signs of dampness. You should keep the furniture away from those damp portions. Likewise, you should try to seal the points of leakage in the roof or wall with the help of waterproofing membranes or sealants.

d.) Anti-termite treatment – When all the natural tactics fail to provide the desired results, you should opt for chemical treatment to end the problem from the root level. You should drill holes of 30 millimetre diameter at a centre to centre distance of 300 millimetre with the help of a drilling machine. The machine should be held at an angle of 45 degree. Later, you should pour the specified chemical in every hole till the saturation level is reached. Keep the place idle for three to four days because inhalation of this chemical is hazardous to health. In the end, fill the holes with cement grout mixture. This procedure is considered the best way for termites control.

It is always good to consult professional termite control company to get rid of termites problem in Singapore.

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