How Gets Rid Bed Bugs in Singapore?

They feed mainly on the blood of animals and humans too. Nevertheless, bed bugs are not poisonous insects and they are not known to transmit diseases that are found harmful to humans. Conversely, bed bugs reproduce so quickly.

Their very tiny white eggs can be found not just on the mattress seams but also on the areas such as furniture set, carpets and even picture frames. In fact, a female bed bug can produce up to as much as 200 to 500 eggs within her lifespan of approximately seven months. It takes about 40 days for the eggs to hatch and quickly develop into an adult bed bug. So how can you gets rid of these excruciating bugs? Continue reading and find out how.

The first thing that you ought to do is to identify whether your house is really infested with bed bugs. It’s because bed bugs are often confused with bat bugs and swallow bugs which are more controllable pests. It’s quite difficult to identify bed bugs for they are very tiny in size and highly elusive at the same time. They are nocturnal insects too so expect that you will never see a single bug during day time.

When searching for bed bugs, you should dismantle your beddings and some furniture to keenly observe if there are really bed bugs.

Fortunately, companies that specialize in pest control services in Singapore offer bed bug busting treatment plans to help you gets rid of bedbugs effectively. If the infestation just went out of your control, calling for professional bedbugs control services can be the most appropriate thing that you should do. Pest control professional will inform you about the available treatments that they offer. bedbugs control treatments include both non-chemical applications and chemical applications.

Non-chemical applications are the most common since they are undeniably safer than chemical applications. Pest control professionals use powerful vacuums to remove bed bugs from the areas where they can be usually found. However, powerful vacuums can’t remove the eggs and they don’t completely eliminate bed bugs. However, vacuums can help reduce the number of bedbugs. Aside from vacuums, the heat from a steam machine can kill not only adult bed bugs but as well as their eggs. Pest control professionals will also advice you to wash and change all your linens using hot washers and dryers. Non-chemical applications also include the use of cleaners with lemon essence. It won’t kill the bed bugs nor their eggs but its scent will certainly drive them away.

Chemical applications on the other hand are less preferred. However, most companies still include the use of chemicals as option to eliminate bed bugs. There is actually a specific pesticide that is intended only form bed bugs. If you want this option, it’s best for you to be aware of the precautionary measures that you need to follow. Pest control professionals will inform you about this matter anyway.

With the advent of the internet, it’s fairly easy to look for pest control companies that offer bedbugs control services in Singapore. You can search on Google if you want. You might also want to ask for some recommendations from your family or friends who have had their homes treated by pest control professional before.

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