How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in HDB

Bed bugs are considered to be a big nuisance by many and can become a torture if they are biting you now and then. Causing blistering effects on your body by biting you, these are nocturnal bugs that feed on human blood for survival. Sounds scary? Then you will surely be on your toes, after knowing that ignoring bugs can result in speedy population multiple of these blood-sucking bugs. These are found everywhere. There’s no place on earth that’s bereaved of these reddish-brown creatures that are visible as they move very slowly from one place to another.

Timely detection of bed bugs by the HDB’s is very important as this is the only way to start your bed bug treatment and control process. Few places that you must check for bed bugs are:

-Corners of walls and ceiling
-Dresses, headboard, and nightstands
-Corner protectors made of plastic
-Mattress seams
-Picture frames
-Skins of ID cards

The ceiling corners displaying black spots must be treated immediately with bed bug treatment solutions. You must check for furniture and fixtures located near the bed to search for bugs. Any wall hanging or decoration items can be home to these heinous creatures that literally feed on your blood.

Check the edges, seams and the folds of the mattresses at home and office to check for blood spots. If your inspection result leads you to believe that you have bugs at home then its time you must contact the specialists to treat your home. The advanced pest control Kettering professionals offer advanced bed bug treatment in Kettering, where they guarantee to use the best and the safest methods of eliminating the bugs population from your home, without causing harm to the people and animal in the home.

If you are still thinking of how to get rid of bed bugs in Kettering then you might want to use the normal methods like removing and washing your entire bedding and mattresses in very hot water. Cleaning the fabric with a vacuum cleaner is another option you might try. Pay attention to vacuuming the corners of your room and bed. You might also want to put on a plastic mattress cover and box springs cover after you have washed the mattress in hot water. You might as well try some home remedies to get rid of bed bugs from your bed and other parts of the home.

With traditional bed bug treatments, property owners will often have to afford several visits from the pest control service. In fact, nearly seventy percent will require three or more chemical treatments to get rid of the unwanted invader. In most cases, the heat method requires just one application to kill an entire colony of bed bugs. So, why would anyone opt for it? Some are simply concerned that it is too simple to be effective. That is not the case. Sometimes the simplest method is the smartest.

Here are some ways you can control bed bug infestation for HDB:


Suffice to say, keeping our homes clean will save us the risk of infection. Items such as comforters, pillowcases, mattress covers, and comforters should be checked for their presence regularly. These items should be removed and washed at the highest temperature setting, as high heat setting can kill them. If you are sending your sheets to a dry cleaner, remember to warn the dry cleaner so that your items are washed separately. In this way, you do not risk other people being hit by bedbugs.


Make sure you vacuum all the columns of your house, especially around the bed. This method does not completely release it, But it will help with some prevention before using other treatments. When vacuuming, remember to also use a scratch to scratch your beds, rugs, and other hot spots for bedbugs. This will help remove all bedbug eggs from their breeding ground to suck them up. Empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner, including the bedbugs and eggs, into a sealed plastic bag and discard them. If the items are large, you should label them clearly so that nobody accidentally takes them home or recycles them.

Rubbing alcohol

Cleaning alcohol contains about 70% by volume pure, concentrated ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol). It is a flammable liquid, so you should use it with care. You can put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and apply it where it can easily hide. You can follow the application with the scraper treatment to remove any bedbug eggs on the way like the suction mentioned above. The alcohol kills these animals, including the eggs, on contact.

Diatomaceous earth

This is a powder that can be used to kill bed bugs. After a few days, you can see that it works. It works by sticking to these creatures and dehydrating them. There are several types of diatomaceous earth – and some are poisonous. Look for food quality that is safer to use at home. When applying, be sure to wear at least a face mask and gloves. This is because some of these products could be dangerous to inhale.

Mattress cover

Most people are mistaken that this is just a preventative method. However, this can also be used to get rid of these animals, as the bed bug mattress cover is able to seal them and prevent them from coming out of your mattress. In this way, they can be cut off from their food intake. If you decide to use the bed bug mattress cover, remember to cover the box springs, and bed bugs could also hiding in the columns there.


There are natural and from the store pesticides. Various natural remedies can be made by yourself. The chemical pesticides are also limited in their effectiveness today, as the bedbugs have developed resistance to them.

The wisest thing to do would be contacting a specialist who knows the best modes of bug detection and safe treatment for elimination of bed bugs. Additionally, these professionals guarantee to give you a bedbug-free home for a longer time to come. Assessment and inspection of your home for the particular bed bug infested spots is an important factor that you cannot do all by yourself and this is why it is very important to hire a professional pest control specialist in your area.