How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Once And For All

Most people have a notion that bed bugs are things of the past, or they are things that are found in the in unsavory regions. However, it is important to note that bed bugs are now becoming a nuisance day in day out. They are a headache to people who live in suburbs and the city too which isn’t any pleasant for the parents and the children as well. Waking up with bites from the bugs is stressing and makes you uncomfortable. This is the reason why you should get rid of the bed bugs.

 Below are some simple ways you can use to do away with the bed bugs:

1. Contact expert bed bugs exterminator

Managing pests in a professional way is important. You should hire the pest management companies who make use of authorized as well as safe insecticides to spray the bedbugs. These insecticides are capable of getting rid of the bed bugs. The whole house will be treated apart from the kitchen. You are going to be requested to prepare house earlier. Preparations will include moving furniture, covering your beddings as well as storing away the expensive objects safely. Your house will be sprayed after another 2 weeks to make sure that the eggs as well as larvae are eliminated too.

2. Steam treatment & setting traps

Steam treatment works where where the steam is required to be at a temperature of 120 F in order to kill bed the bugs as well as the eggs effectively. Use a dry steam on bugs directly to kill the molds too. This is among the ways to do away with bed bugs that can be used as DIY treatment. Also, you can use traps to do away with bed bugs. You can use hot air like the one from hair dryers in order to force the bed bugs out from cracks & crevices. After that, you can kill them with a paper towel. You can alternatively trap the bedbugs using the sticky tapes.

3. Launder your beddings

Wash any item that shows some bed bug infestation for instance blood stains, some fecal matter or discarded exoskeletons. You should wash the bed sheets, curtains as well as the other household linen. Make use of high heat from your dryer for around twenty minutes. This will help you get rid of the bed bugs as well as their eggs. In some cases, your mattress might be too old and in case you have struggled with bed bug control for long, it is a good idea to buy new beddings such as mattresses & pillows. It is true that sometimes these insects become immune to the control solutions and the best thing to do is replacing your beddings. This will restore back your comfort as you sleep.

4. Clean & disinfect the house

The point that you should know is that bed bugs can also be found in those places that are very clean in your house or even places such as five star hotels. Therefore, despite maintaining cleanliness in your home, you should also make use of other strategies of avoiding the bed bugs. The most important thing to do though is cleaning & de-cluttering the house to make sure that the pests have a very little hiding place in the house. In case you have a carpet or a rug in the house, you should make sure that you vacuum them on a daily basis. You should similarly vacuum your bed frame, the couches as well as other furniture. Use a brush & the crevice tools to vacuum your house. In case you have some bag based-vacuum, you should seal them & throw them away.

5. Cover the seals & cracks

Bed bugs tend to hide amid the day and then come out during the night for feeding. You should therefore ensure to use the sealing tapes as well as caulks in covering any cracks & crevices on the walls, the furniture items among other items. This is going to minimize the spaces for the bedbugs to hide. In case you notice bedbugs, a poison which is safe for use taking the children safety into consideration is alcohol. This not only kills the bedbugs but also any eggs present. Pesticides were used in the past for killing bedbugs but as of now new laws are already enacted to ensure that the public is safe which made these pesticides illegal for use.

6. Using diatomaceous earth

This is a powder which is scattered on the ground close to furniture where they can’t be disturbed for some days and places where bed bugs are most likely to walk to. It is recommended to apply some of this powder around the as well as under the bed. You should not forget the corners of your room also. The powder is very safe to use. However, you need to take care to avoid inhaling the powder as you apply it.

7. Ensure to recheck again and again

Although you have one of the above ways to do away with the bedbugs which turned effective, you should still continue checking for any bedbugs signs especially behind your picture frames, on your floor, mattress corners, the box springs among other areas after some weeks of treatment. In fact it is a good idea to contact professionals once again so that they can inspect & retreat your home again if need be.


Getting rid of the bed bugs will take much time and it needs patience as well as hard work. For sure, there are many extensive processes you can take prior to getting rid of the bedbugs. You deserve to sleep comfortably on your bed, without having any bites till morning by ensuring that you clean the house in order to ensure that it’s bed bug-free. Above are some ways which will help you get rid of these stubborn insects once and for all. You shouldn’t leave them to the point they become fully dominating since they will become a nuisance to you and the family as well.