How Long to Check For Bedbugs in My Home?

Bed bugs are the most common insects found in our homes, offices, kitchens and the agricultural areas. They grow quite fast and then it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them. It is best to call pest control and termite treatment experts to exterminate bed bugs. The experts can get rid of this widespread problem.

If bed bugs have penetrated deep, it becomes hard to get a quick solution. We can think of prevention if we have done the basic study of the bed bug’s nature. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to rid of these creatures permanently.

Body Size of Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are quite tiny. They are naturally small, and this gives them the benefit of hiding anywhere they want. Small holes in the walls, kitchen cabinets, corners of the doors or windows are their best place to reside. They love to hide and only come out when they are in a mood to spread peril all around or when they are searching for food. They simply love to feed on human blood, and unlike mosquitoes, their sting is more painful.

You cannot even think that a single hole in any wall of your house can contain thousands of bed bugs inside. So it is best if you eradicate them in the earlier stage. Otherwise there is no other way you can get rid of them permanently. Bed bugs are approximately 4 inches in size, and this all goes to their benefit to occupy any place they like.


Bedbugs show rapid growth. It does not take much time to multiply from tens to hundreds and from hundreds to thousands. An adult mother can lay hundreds of eggs at one time and imagine if your house gets covered with all their eggs around. This would bring a big menace, and you can require an expert to meet this challenge.

Bed Bugs Arrival.

Many researchers claim that bed bugs arrive during daylight hours, but a common perception is that they raid in the dark. So be cautious and if there is any suspicious thought coming in your mind, it means that they are hiding somewhere in your home. Try preventive measures and call the experts urgently to impede the problem from spreading.


If you are having a suspicious feeling that bed bugs are present, then do not hesitate to call the experts. It is better if you treat the problem before it gets out of hand. The professionals know where to find these insects and have the treatment that is very effective. If you feel that you can handle the situation on your own, then start by inspecting the house.

Search the monsters in every corner of your house. They hide in every nook and cranny. Spray all the areas where you suspect them hiding. Use an effective spray which can kill them right on the spot. Make sure that you have sprayed all their areas so they cannot multiply.

Bed bugs were a problem up until the twentieth century. After that, they slowly subsided where incidents were few and far in between. Common travelers, they are transported via luggage, bedding, furniture, and clothing. In recent reports, they have made a dramatic appearance worldwide.

Many health risks are associated with these creatures. Skin infections caused by scratching their bites are common. This occurs at night while the person is sleeping and they itch horribly. Allergies pose a risk to certain individuals, and in worse cases, anemia is present. Nesting wherever a human sleeps and lives, they feed on human blood as the main staple of their diet. Couches, chairs, and mattresses are common places where they reside and hide.

Since they migrate between buildings, it is important to notify your landlord of the infestation. This is especially true for condos or apartment complexes. Advise him or her to check all other rooms and buildings. This is vital if you do not want another re-infestation. To eradicate them you need first to figure out the common hiding places of these creatures. This would help you come up with an effective way of eliminating them and take preventive measures against their re-entry. This can be performed either on your own or with the assistance of a competent pest control company.

Remove all bedding. 
Place in a sealed garbage bag to be laundered. Clothing, bedding, and anything machine washable needs washing in hot water that is at least one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Place all items that are not machine washable in a sealed garbage bag and placed in a sunny, hot location. This includes attics and garages. You may toss the items in a dryer on high.

Dismantle all beds that are located within the home. 
Bed frames, headboards, and footboards are included. Wipe down the frames with rubbing alcohol. Vacuum everything that is part of the set, while paying close attention to the seams and crevices. You may have to remove the fabric that is located on the underside of the mattress. Clean thoroughly and vacuum underneath the actual bed. The mattress needs to be discarded for effectiveness. If this is not feasible, simply apply a sealed mattress cover.

Once you are through with the cleaning, take some extra precautionary measures like disposing of the vacuum cleaner bag in the garbage bin outside your home, in a tightly sealed plastic bag to get rid of the bed bugs forever. Having got rid of all the bed bugs, you need to block all possible entry points for them, especially near water pipes and sewers.

Use a pest control expert. 
Unlike pesticides that are found in the store and on the web, a professional will control the situation knowledgeably and effectively. By seeking the services of one, you can feel at ease with knowing another incident is less likely to happen. He or she will probably spray the outside perimeters if there are bats or fowl present. This is due to certain species which feed on these animals.

These strategies are sure to guide you through the world of bed bugs how to get rid of them. This rigid process will ensure proper extermination of the insects. Never use pesticides on bedding or mattresses. This will prevent ill health effects.