Facts About Mosquitoes and Air-conditioning

Facts About Mosquitoes and Air-conditioning. Mosquitoes are known as one of the deadliest insects in the world. This based on the fact that more than 20,000 individuals succumb to death because of the diseases and sicknesses that these small but terrifying insects bring.

Many people are curious about how they react to air-conditioning since there are numerous options regarding this. For tropical countries in Southeast Asia where the climate is warm almost year-round, airconditioning is common. Another thing that is common in most tropical countries, is the presence of mosquitoes. Due to the presence of these flying pests, there is a very tangible concern regarding the diseases that come with mosquitoes. One very rampant disease is dengue. This can kill people with no discrimination against age, gender or nationality.

Facts About Mosquitoes and Air-conditioning – Fast Facts


There is actually a very solid basis regarding these particular bloodsuckers not being very active when there is air-conditioning. One of the main reasons why they are not visible when a home or room has airconditioning is because the homeowner usually closes the windows and doors when they turn on their cooling appliance. In most Southeast Asian countries, windows even have mesh screens to prevent the entry of undesirable animals or insects. Homeowners close the windows and doors when they turn on the air conditioner to prevent the warm air from going in and the cool air from going out.

Another reason why there are noticeably fewer mosquitoes when the air conditioner is turned on is that these particular insects do not like the chill or cold. When it is cold, below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they usually look for a hole or small place to hibernate. In colder climates where snow occurs during the winter, the insects may lay their eggs in water and these can also hibernate until more favorable conditions appear. For tropical countries like Singapore where the weather is basically sunny, with some rainy days, the insects may not hibernate but instead slow down in their activities when they encounter colder areas or times. Sometimes, the insects stay put in one place and do not move or fly at all.


In connection to a chilly room, people in them tend to have lower temperatures than that outside. The bloodsucking insects locate their prey based on how warm a person is. When a person is sweaty or just came from the outdoors where it is hot, they are more attractive to a mosquito. Compared to a person who has stayed in an airconditioned room for some time, people who are warm are more attractive. In many cases, homeowners sleep with their air conditioners left on thus lowering their own temperatures as they sleep. With lower temperatures, people who are at least or asleep are more difficult to locate than active individuals who are moving around.

Most air conditioners also have a fan feature that blows air around in the room. Mosquitoes’ flight patterns are often disrupted when it is windy. This disables efficient flight on their part. It also discourages their search for their source food. You may have noticed that the insects are blown away when outdoor conditions are windy or if there is an electric fan blowing.

So go ahead and turn on your cooling unit while you are at home and enjoy fewer disturbances from mosquitoes.

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