Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

Bedbug infestation has become a very common problem for the city dwellers. Although researchers haven’t found any direct link between the bedbug bites and the spread of dangerous diseases, a news that these small seed sized critters can actually carry some drug resistant bacteria is all around now. If you read the recent report published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases, Center Disease Controlling and Prevention’s journal, you will know about the discovery made by a group of Canadian researchers.

However, we still don’t know if bedbugs can really infect a person or spread dangerous diseases. We’ve collected a few facts about bedbugs below. Let’s see if they can help you anyhow –

Bed bugs are More Attracted to Human Heat
– Yes, bed bugs find you out through your body heat. They love to thrive in CO2 and are kind of blood sucking parasites.

What Type of Health Problems bedbugs can Cause

· After the recent discovery made by the Canadian scientists, it’s now official that bedbugs can carry the drug resistant germs. However, whether or not the bedbugs can transmit the germs biologically, researchers haven’t confirmed it yet.

· Researchers however have warned us about the other ways through which the bedbugs can spread infections. When the bedbugs bite you, they can deposit the drug resistant bacteria into skin. If you scratch the bite and it starts to bleed, the bacteria into skin can cause infection.

· Although the bedbugs bites are not considered infectious, you can see severe skin conditions like skin reactions or skin lesions in some cases. Your skin can react to the foreign antigens present in the bed bug saliva. You can also refer it as some kind of allergic reactions.

· In most of the cases, the bedbugs bites develop skin itching, blisters and red bumps. If the infestation gets too severe, the skin infection can spread to all over your body.

· There is actually no proof of the fact so far that bedbugs can infect a person. Researchers have found out the presence of HBV DNA in bed bug wastes. After this discovery, people from different parts of the world is now scared of developing HIV through bedbugs bites.

· However, no proof of developing HIV infection through bedbugs bites is there. Researchers haven’t find any evidence to show that the infection causing bacteria can reach your blood through the saliva of the critters.

· Researchers say that the spread of disease through bedbugs bites is possible, but not yet confirmed. They still need to work a lot to find out if the infestation can go severe.

Bed bugs are tiny night creatures. They hide in beddings, furniture holes, old luggage, folded clothes, etc during the day. They come out in the night and find out your skin as an ideal source for a meal. If you travel a lot or usually share used sleeping materials with others, we can say you’ve got a greater chance of seeing bedbugs bites. This is why you must not take them lightly. It’s better to take the help of professionals to getting rid the bed bugs.