Covering What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs And How To Control Them

Bed bug is a tiny wingless insect that is categorized under the family of Cimicidae. This is an insect that has brought many problems to the affected home or area. Most homes that are affected by bed bugs tend to have difficulties especially during at night when they sleep because bed bugs commonly hide in beds and furniture. Bed bugs can also be found in clothes, closet, picture frames, sheets as well as mattress streams.

They are reddish brown and they can measure to up to 5 mm long. It might be difficult for someone unaware to identify them because they resemble an apple seed. One of the main reasons why you should get rid of bed bugs is because they can cause many problems and diseases that might be very dangerous to your health and pets as well. After a meal, they become swollen and appear reddish-brown.

Their Habit, Diet and Behaviour.

When it comes to diet, one thing you should know about bedbugs is that they feed on nothing else but blood. Bed bugs are also proven to stay active for even a year without having a meal, but on cool temperatures. They tend to be active during the night when a person is dead asleep and it won’t be easy to identify them in the dark. Bed bugs are not found in homes alone, they can also be found in restaurants and hotels where they can easily move from one hotel room to another without being detected.

This is why it is very important to always check your luggage and belongings when spending a night in a hotel room. Ensure that your belongings are well kept in a safe place where bed bugs cannot stay or get through. Bed bugs are commonly found in furniture therefore it is important to be careful on the furniture that you want to buy. Check in every corner of the furniture before buying it to make sure that it is free from them. This will help you reduce the chances of getting them into your house because once they get into your house, it might be difficult for you to locate them.

Ways of Getting Bed bugs

There are many ways on how bed bugs can get into your home. As stated earlier, bedbugs have a tendency of hiding in places like hotels, restaurants, gyms or even in buses. They are good at hiding themselves and it might be difficult to identify them. As soon as they find a place to hide like on your clothes or luggage, they can easily get to your home. Also note that a female bed bugs can lay eggs to up to 5 eggs a day and if you cant be able to identify them before they begin to hatch, then it could be difficult to get rid of them by yourself; you’ll need to hire professionals to inspect and to get rid of them. The best alternative of getting rid of them naturally, is by catching them before they begin to hatch and multiply. Here are some tips to help you get rid of them before it is too late:
– Remove all clutter to help you locate them earlier.
– Inspect any item before buying and bringing them in your home.
– Generally inspect your home especially after moving, overnight guests and trips
– Wash your bedding at least after every two weeks to reduce the chances of getting them and ensure to put them on the driest temperature possible.
– Inspect your mattress and bedding after 5 days.

Bed Bugs Bite

In order for them to mature and develop into adults, they need to feed at least once during their immature stages. This means that they need to suck more blood for their survival. Additionally adult females cannot produce eggs if they don’t feed on blood. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases from one person to another despite the fact that they feed on human blood. This doesn’t mean that their bites doesn’t cause health issues. when bed bug bite, they release an anti-coagulant that is mixed with their saliva. This will determine the size of the bite as well as how the infected person is going to react to that bite.

Most bed bugs bite are found in open areas like legs, hands and the neck, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t bite in other areas. One of the indications that your house is filled with bedbugs that can be hard to control is when you wake up with small and itchy spots and they can last to even days. They are often found in a group of up to 20 bed bugs. People will react differently when bitten by bed bugs and the size will vary as well.

Bite Symptoms

Some of the affected individuals will develop itching, swelling or red welts the following day after being bitten. Nevertheless, some individuals are not affected in anyway after being bitten whereas others are. Fortunately, most people do not react to the bites and can even left unnoticed. In case your skin develops a rash after you are bitten by bed bugs, try to avoid scratching the area and if the symptoms persist, it is advisable to visit a medical professional as soon as possible. In order to get rid of bed bugs completely, you need to contact a professional to inspect and get rid of them.

Bed Bugs Service

If you have seen bed bugs moving around your house or you want to protect your home against them multiplying, it is advisable to contact the professionals to do the work for you. A good professional will be able to locate where they are hiding, and will take the necessary action to get rid of them completely. He/she will examine your home in every corners and rooms and also the furniture to ensure that they are gone for good.

Getting rid of them

After your home has been inspected and assessed, the team will come to a conclusion on the way forward. If they have found bedbugs in your house, they will take the necessary measure of getting rid of them. Hiring the professionals is the best alternative because they know the best treatment and prevention measures that will help draw bed bugs away from your home.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your home, office, restaurant or hotel is to contact a professional bed bugs removal company to do the work for you. The earlier to resolve the problem the better because failure to that, your house will be filled with nothing but bed bugs. A professional removal company will get rid of them professionally to ensure that they are gone for good.