Bed Bugs Removal Tips

Bed bugs are among the main challenges that many homeowners face in Singapore. These insects are hard to find, and they can hind in your house for a long time without your notice until the situation is worse. Although cleaning is the primary way to keep bed bugs out of your home, sometimes they may attack you, and you will need to remove them.

You can use DIY methods to remove these insects or use a professional service. However, if the attack is so deep, it may be hard to use DIY methods, and this is why hiring a professional might be the best option. A professional will cover all your needs, and they will take care of you as you relax and watch.

But if you feel that you are up to the task, you can try the following DIY procedures and remove these annoying insects from your house.

So how do you remove bed bug?

Step 1: Inspect

The first step is making sure your house is infected. There are several signs that will help you to know when your home is attacked by bed bugs. If you notice any of these signs, you should know your home is at risk and take the necessary steps:

– Bloodstains on your beddings
– Offensive smell from the bed bug glands
– Dark spots on your white beddings
– Eggshells on the hiding places

Step 2: De-cluster

After making sure your house is infected, the next step is to start the removing process. This start by DE clustering congested areas.

Take out all the furniture and appliances that may act as the hiding place to the bed bugs. Also, don’t forget to dismantle your bed frames and draws to as they are among the main hiding places.

Step 3: Cleaning

Once you De cluster your furniture and appliances, the next step is to clean them. When using DIY, it’s recommended to use hot water that is above 60 degrees centigrade. You can also use some insecticides but with help from a specialist. Ensure you clean everything out of your house and when using a vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to dispose of the vacuum bag well to avoid further spreading. Use a soft brush to clean your mattress, but if it’s much infected, you can consider disposing it.

Step 4: Monitor

The final process is to monitor and check if you removed all the bed bugs. If you still notice any signs you need to get the help from a professional bed bug exterminator. Professionals will have the right tools and skills, and they will make the process easier and faster.

Following are the main reasons why should hire a professional bed bug exterminator in Singapore.

Time-saving –
 Professionals have the right knowledge, and they will know what they are doing hence taking less time. It will take an expert only a few hours to inspect and remove bed bugs from your house. They have helped many people, and your case will not be an exception.

Reduced risk –
 Insecticides are hazardous, and they need to be handled by someone who is experienced. A bed bug removal company will know the right insecticides to use hence reducing the risk to your family.

Efficiency –
 Apart from DIY methods where you are not sure about the removal of the insects, experts will guarantee you a 100% removal as they will do a close inspection to your house and know the right place to treat. They will also have knowledge of the best insecticides on the market that will ultimately kill all the insects.

Pocket-friendly –
 Hiring a professional bed bug exterminator is not an expensive affair. The fee you pay is pocket-friendly compared to the service you will get. Apart from the actual service, professionals will also give you valuable advice that will save you from incurring further costs in the future.

No damages –
 By hiring an expert, you will experience zero damages to your furniture, appliances, and food. They know how to handle everything in your house.


Removing bed bug is not a complicated activity when equipped with some guidance. You can follow the above tips and get rid of these annoying insects. If you feel that the task is too much, you can get help from a professional.