Bed Bugs – The Modern Day Home Wrecker

Bed bugs have become an ever-increasing issue all across the civilized world. A modern human home has all the necessary ingredients for a bed bug to thrive in. The decent temperature, the cracks and folds to nest in and a constant food source are all ideal conditions for a bed bug colony to settle in, and virtually any home features all of these aspects.

The bed bugs can be a real nuisance and they terrorize motels, apartment complexes, homeowners, dorm rooms and all dwellings. The bugs are tiny, oval looking, flat, reddish-brown in color and blood sucking insects. These night bugs feed off the skin and leave bumps and lead to terrible allergic reactions. These insects travel throughout the walls of the living quarters and these are extremely difficult to deal with.

They can be found anywhere in the homes from sheets, pillows, furniture, mattresses and pillows to anywhere they can easily latch on to the humans or pets. These annoying insects can be readily transported in suitcases, clothing and anything possible. It is very tough to detect these bugs. Their bites cause itching and burning sensation. -Bumps and red blots on the skin can be typically noticed to see that the bugs have attacked you. The possible detection of the bugs can also be made by looking for the blood stain marks on the sheets or carpets. Nevertheless, these insects also have a stale odor.

Their feces can also be easily seen on the bedding with dark spots been left from their body waste. These can also be detected by placing a strong tape upside down near the bedding or the furniture and check for the insects stuck on it in the morning or in a day or two.

Another character of these bugs is that they are nocturnal species and are typically found in the places where people sleep such as in the bedroom. No wonder, these also prefer warm areas and so are commonly found in the pillows, mattresses or other sleeping areas. No doubt, people who travel are more likely to carry these bugs to their homes as many hotels have infestation problems and the individuals who are also in the service business of going from home to home are more likely to attract them.

In order to get rid of these bugs, the individuals should consult the experts as these are hard to contain. It often starts with a few bugs slipping inside a house via luggage or furniture that’s being brought in. Those few bugs, however, breed to large numbers in just a few weeks, and the rate of breeding is exponential as time passes. This is a rather creepy scenario, but a person overlooking the symptoms of bed bugs being present in their home pretty much sets the path to an all-out infestation.

Remove bed bugs efficiently and permanently

-Be Sure
Be absolutely sure that you really have bed bugs and not fleas, ticks or other insects. You can confirm by comparing the pictures of these insects that are easily available online.

Don’t Panic
Bed bugs removal can be difficult but it is not impossible. Don’t rush into throwing out your things as they can still be treated and salvaged. Also, it may propagate the bugs into other houses. -Determine the Infested Rooms – Bedrooms are usually the place where bed bugs infest but any room where people sleep may harbor bed bugs. Living rooms with sofas are your next prime location. Typically, bed bugs infestation starts from one room and spreads to other rooms where people sleep. The sooner you find, the easier it gets for you to treat it.

-Reduce their Hiding Place 
Clean up your homes as a cluttered home provides more places for the bed bugs to hide. It also makes locating and treating the bed bugs more difficult. If you have found bed bugs on your mattresses, encase them with bed bug proof tested covers so that it becomes harder for these pests to get to you. You should leave the cases on for at least a year. 

– Washing and drying pieces of clothing at high temperatures is a good way of killing these pests.It is also worthwhile to keep dirty laundry in plastic bags in order to make sure that the bugs do not escape before you wash your clothes.

– When it comes to dealing with any bed bug that you might carry in your clothing, it is worth mentioning that bed lice do not stick to skin.
That being said, undressing on a hard floor rather than on a carpet is a good way to find and sweep any bug that might fall off.
– Bed bug bites are clear signs that it may be time to dispose of some of your old clothing or bed clothes. Replacing the mattress and/or linens may help you deal with a large part of the bed bug infestation. -Use plastic mattress cover: Covering your mattress at night when you sleep will give you comfort as those bed bugs will be sheathed in the plastic. They will suffocate and get killed over the night. Choose a mattress cover that fits well on your bed and can be zipped up.

-Suck the bloodsuckers with a vacuum cleaner: Once you notice small bites on your skin, get the vacuum cleaner and start working on exterminating the bed bugs. Not only can you get rid of Bed Bug Bites, but also have a clean environment to live in. For prevention, it is essential to inspect the furniture closely before buying and placing it in your house.

– Ask a pest removal company to recommend you a good, environment-friendly treatment spray that will prove more than a blessing when dealing with a full-on bug infestation.

The company can also offer you great tips on how to prevent the pests from appearing again. How to make the difference between a few bed bugs and an actual infestation:

– The increase in the number of bite marks you see on your body is a huge sign that you are dealing with more than just a few bugs. A rash that occurs on more skin-sensitive individuals will get out of hand at this stage.
– Look for traces of feces on the sides of your mattress. It should be evident by now, as it looks like a bigger area with plenty of dark spots on it. If all you can find are sporadic dark spots, you may yet deal with only a few bugs. Remember though that blood is what they feed on, and any bite marks will mean more bugs down the line.

-The frequency with which you encounter these pests is a good way of telling what numbers you are dealing with. Consider multiple places of infestation throughout your home, as it is frequent that they inhabit areas further away from your bed, particularly if you have pets. Do not be ashamed to ask for the support of a pest controller before things get out of hand. Such a thing can happen to anyone, be it prince or pauper. If you have correctly identified the problem before it got worse, you can consider your duty fulfilled. Let the experts handle it from there. Bed bugs are easy to deal with professional tools, provided that their symptoms are duly noted.