All About Bed Bugs Extermination Singapore

Bedbugs, scientifically known as Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae) are like shrunken roaches. They are small wingless, tiny reddish-brown insects that feed solely the blood of warm-blooded animals thus making humans the ideal hosts for them. They feast on human blood, leaving reddish and swollen bite marks all over your body. That is why you must be armored with patience and hard work to keep them away.

Basic signs of Cimicidae infestation.
1. Rash From Cimicidae

The rash starts with a tingling sensation. The rash won’t be obvious yet you’ll have the capacity to feel the tingle. They are itchier than mosquito nibbles, and the tingle can as a rule be detected one hour after the chomp. Now and again, the bed bug rash seems just a couple days or weeks after the fact.

A bed bugs rash has a little, round and red knock that appears more swollen than that of mosquito rash. Some of the time, the rash seems to be like a chomp check in succession. On the off chance that you think you may have Cimicidae rash, a couple days of analyzing it wouldn’t do any harm. Drawn out tingling is brought about by the rash, going on for quite a long time. A bed bugs rash additionally doesn’t mend as fast as mosquito chomps. Frequently, they stay swollen for quite a long time.

2. Smell of Bed Bugs

Cimicidae release a musty, obnoxious odor, so a room where there’s a lot of Cimicidae infestation scent of it. Under the headboard and mattresses are common places where they can be detected. Sofas are also seldom infested with bed bugs. If they have cracks, inspect if they’ve got Cimicidae odor.

So what measures do you have to do to get rid of these tiny blood-suckers? Here are the options to consider:
1. Buy over-the-counter bug sprays :

Go kill the bed bugs with Raid or any other over-the-counter bug sprays. They are widely available in supermarkets and hardware stores. These pesticide sprays can kill individual bed bugs but may not be effective in terminating all of them in an area.

These products are not always a good option because of the following:

They can cause resistance and won’t easily wipe away those tiny pests; they bestow unpleasant odor and may lead to respiratory problems if inhaled in excess. Your money will be wasted if you buy over-the-counter sprays from time to time because the pests won’t be completely eradicated. Therefore, there would be a delay in treating the infestation.

2. Wash the bed bugs away:

Washing and drying off your bed sheets, pillow sheets, and mattress with simple tap water aren’t enough. Let those sheets be submerged in a very hot water to remove bacteria and kill any overly tiny insects in them.

3. Use plastic mattress cover:

Covering your mattress at night when you sleep will give you comfort as those bed bugs will be sheathed inside the plastic. They will suffocate and get killed over the night. Choose a mattress cover that fits well on your bed and can be zipped up.

4. Suck the bloodsuckers with a vacuum cleaner:

Once you notice small bites on your skin, get the vacuum cleaner and start working on exterminating the bed bugs. Not only can you get rid of Bed Bug Bites, but also have a clean environment to live in. For prevention, it is essential to inspect the furniture closely before buying and placing it in your house.

5. Bring in the exterminators:

Call the professionals. For the treatment to take place, you may need to leave your house for a few days depending on how severe the infestation of bed bugs is. Some may have you throw away the infested mattresses and furniture. The exterminators usually utilize high steam and chemicals. The place and items like towels, closets, beds, mattress, etc. are treated with steam and sealed off with plastic for at least 24 hours. This high-heat steam allows the bed bugs to be killed. After which, the place will be treated with a chemical solution. Most exterminators do a visual inspection after a month to determine possible existence of bed bugs on carpets and walls.

Facts about bed bugs extermination Singapore.
1: Bed bug extermination in Singapore is a process which can take several months to complete.

This is because one of the most effective ways to rid your home of all bed bugs will be to cut off their food supply. To do this, you will need to place heavy duty covers on both your mattresses and your box springs. The only problem is, bed bugs can live without feeding for as long as six months. If you remove the covers from your mattresses and box springs before the elimination of every beg bug, these bugs will continue to feed and multiply. Therefore, you will need to be committed to being mindfully aware of your goal to exterminate the bed bugs in your home for several months after the initial application of any pest control chemicals or methods.

2: The prevention of future infestations plays a critical role in effective bed bug extermination in Singapore.

This is because preventing a Cimicidae infestation is much easier than eliminating an infestation of bed bugs once they have done your home their own. This is why in addition to helping you rid your home of Cimicidae, a professional exterminator will also want to sit down with you to develop a plan to prevent these bed bugs from coming back. In some cases, this will simply include a bit of education for homeowners in order to ensure that they are aware of what behaviours put them at risk for bed bugs. In other cases, this prevention will also require several subsequent visits by a professional exterminator to treat the house with chemicals which will kill any bed bugs which may have been missed by the original extermination efforts


If you cannot get rid of the bed bugs on your own, then having the professionals do it is the best option. Of course, a professional’s job always costs more. However, it’s still best to pay a higher amount of money than suffering from what those blood-suckers can give you. Contact bed bug professionals Singapore on for more information.