9 Tips To Managing The Menace Of Bed Bugs In Singapore

Bed bugs is quite a menace troubling a large number of homes around Singapore. Not only do they make it impossible to cherish a good night’s sleep with painful bites, but also can lead to various health risks. Most people aren’t aware of what exactly must be done to control a bed bug infestation, but a few simple tips and control methods can get it all done just like magic.

Here are 9 tips to managing the menace of bed bugs in your house when living in Singapore.
1. Go For a Sure-shot Identification of the Bed Bugs

Before taking any measures to control bed bugs, the first step is to ensure that they are actually bed bugs and not any other kind of insects, fleas or ticks. This will help you make a careful selection of the methods to kill them as well as control their possible spread. Compare the insects that are troubling you with a few other pictures to identify bed bugs, thereby coming up with the right measures on eliminating them with utmost ease.

2. Relax and Figure Out a Plan

Going into a state of panic surely won’t help in getting rid of bed bugs, instead it will aggravate the situation even more. Figure out a proper plan on how to prevent the bed bugs from spreading to different sections of your house and don’t simply throw away the infected things. Throwing away your costly belongings is not a good choice, specially during the financial recession that’s currently hitting Singapore.

3. Access the Different Treatment Options Available Out There

It’s not always recommended to go for a spray, instead you must look out for all other treatment choices available in the market. The key is to adopt a comprehensive approach when working towards eliminating those bed bugs from your home. A good option is to try IPM techniques or integrated pest management that can not only minimize the spread and amount of bed bugs, but also limit any physical contact between your family and harmful pesticides at the same time. In case it becomes essential to go for pesticides, make sure you follow the directions specified on the label or simply hire an expert professional to assist you with the process in order to make sure you employ healthy solutions to the problem.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Clutter to Reduce the Number of Hiding Spots

Bed bugs are likely to hide amidst clutter and dirty places around the house, while a cluttered home works as a major breeding ground for them. The solution is to go for a thorough regular cleaning of the house, making sure that the bugs can’t find any dirty spots to hide. Get the mattresses cleaned at regular intervals of time and cover them with bed bug covers. Use encasement on the mattresses and box springs to make it difficult for the bed bugs to approach you or your family during the sleep-time. It is recommended to changed the encasement every year. Also, wash your bed sheets, blankets or any other clothes that touch the floor before heat-drying them. This will kill those unwanted bed bug eggs accumulating in the cloth, thereby reducing the number of potential bugs in the future.

5. Freeze the House Works as a Great Measure

An amazing method to control bed bugs that you can adopt all by yourself is to freeze your house. Freezing the bed bugs makes it truly easy to kill them as well as their eggs. What you need to do is to maintain very low temperatures for an elongated period of time. Home freezers can help you in achieving the same, while getting an accurate temperature reading calls for using a thermometer.

6. Raise Indoor Temperatures

Totally opposite to freezing the home, you can also go for heating to kill those annoying bed bugs. Raising the temperatures indoors makes it difficult for the bed bugs to withstand the heat, thereby killing most of them within a few minutes. But at the same time, you must make sure that are well-versed with the process, otherwise it can turn out to be a little dangerous than other options in the market. The moment the body temperature of bed bugs reaches 45 C, it becomes a tough deal for them to survive. A large number of residents of Singapore have been able to control the spread of bed bugs with this method, wile some have totally eliminated them from their house.

7. Avoid Keeping The Infected Items Outside

Bed bugs are likely to travel from one house to another. So, make sure you don’t keep the mattresses or furniture infected with beg bugs outside as it may lead to infestation in the surrounding area. As a result, the whole situation can become even more difficult to handle. The solution is to eliminate the bugs from your home thoroughly in order to ensure that they don’t affect the neighbourhood.

8. Employ A Thorough Vacuuming

Another amazing solution to getting rid of bed bugs from around the house is to go for a thorough vacuum process of most household items. However, it is advised to opt for this control method only if the bed bugs seem to spread on the stuff in a large number. A careful vacuuming of the stuff, including all upholstered furniture, rugs, floors, bed legs, bed frames, under beds as well as major cracks or crevices around your room can help miraculously well. Also, after a given time, you must change the vacuum bag to prevent the bugs from escaping. Place the used bags in plastic bags, followed by tightly sealing them before you throw them outside in trash cans.

9. Seek Professional Assistance

If the initial measures don’t seem to work, you can always hire an experienced and skilled pest control service. They will not only help you with suggestions to get rid of bed bugs, but also take appropriate measures to get the same done. To ensure you make the right choice when hiring the services, go for a quick research on their qualifications. The best part about seeking professional assistance is that they will choose the safest methods of handling the bugs without putting you and your family at a risk of harmful side effects of cleaning chemicals.

Taking a quick look at the aforesaid tips, it can be rightly concluded that all it takes to eliminate bed bugs from your space is to determine the nature of the infestation, followed by employing a few simple hacks for the same. Lastly, you always have the option to hire an expert professional assistance to ensure peaceful, comfortable nights.