7 Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs Breeding

bedbugs are very tiny reddish-brown insects. They are found in most parts of Singapore and other parts of the world too. They are known to be nocturnal and usually feed on human blood leaving you with itchy bites. In some occasions that find them on mice and birds. It is advisable to take every necessary step to prevent bed bugs because once they infest your home, you will have a hard time getting rid it.

The following plausible measures will be helpful in preventing bed bugs into your home;

Seal any loop holes for infestation – 
Most public places create breeding grounds for bed bugs. Therefore, ensure that you thoroughly clear and inspect your luggage and clothing on your return home. Having a feeling you might have been exposed to bed bugs while travelling, do not hesitate to clean everything you had travelled with.

Be cautious when bringing used furniture, clothing or bedding into your home-
 If you must bring dry used clothes to your home, always ensure that you wash and dry them properly first. It is advisable to avoid buying used furniture at all costs if you want to keep bed bugs at bay. bedbugs are a menace all over Singapore so never buy used mattresses as they mostly have these stubborn insects.

Reduce clutter into your home- 
These stubborn insects will not have any hiding place into your home as long as it is free of clutter. Too much clutter will create hiding place for bed bugs. Always ensure that your home is clean and everything is well arranged. Getting rid of any item that you are not using at home to ensure that it is more organized.

Regular vacuuming- 
This is another convenient way to prevent bed bugs if you do not have pesticide. You need to identify the hiding places so that you can vacuum and getting rid of the rubbish. You are guarantee of removing all bed bugs by vacuuming even though some eggs may not be dead. After vacuuming dispose the trash can properly so that the insects cannot move to other areas.

Use encasements on box springs and mattresses-
 Encasements are effective for prevention of bed bugs. These can be bought online or from stores around your home. The best encasements to use are those made with soft material and have a zipper. The zipper is what prevents entry and exit of these insects into your mattress or box spring. This method has been proven to be more effective than fumigation. In fact there is no need to buy a new mattress but rather invest in extra encasement.

Use of pesticides- 
This is the most popular method used to prevent bed bugs in most homes in Singapore. The best way to use the pesticides is by applying directly in the cracks and hiding places of these insects. You should use liquid and dust formulants in order to get the best results. Most of these pesticides are very poisonous so you are safer hiring a pest management professional to spray the pesticide.

Hire services of a professional exterminator- 
One of the best ways to prevent these stubborn insects from invading your home is by hiring an experienced professional exterminator. They will come up with the best bed bug control program for your home. In Singapore, there are registered bed bug controllers who are licensed to help you prevent these insects from getting into your home.

There are other measures that one can take to prevent bed bug infestation such as use of heat or use of traps though they are not effective as the ones mentioned above. It is important to identify a method that best works for you and will not cost you a lot of money. On the other hand you would rather spend money on preventing bed bugs than end up with a bed bug infested home. This is because these insects are very difficult to getting rid of due to their tiny size and nocturnal nature. If you are unable to decide on ways to prevent bed bugs, you will have to hire a professional for help on how to go about it.