6 Weird Facts About Bedbugs You Did Not Know And Safe Way To Kill Them

These are tiny little creatures that hide and live in the most obscure and unexpected corners of a house. There have been very many horror movies and few comedies about them, which suggest that they are the group of creatures not to make fun of. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that those people who love insects do not even think of having bedbugs as their favorite despite the fact that they can have fatal and harmful insects! All these show that bedbugs are complete nuisance creatures.

Wasps, Fleas, hissing cockroaches, spiders, and so on are some of the insects that cause a big problem, and sometimes throw people into a horrifying panic. Well, we are not scaring you out of your shoes, but rather, we are trying to bring out the real perils that insects, bedbugs to be precise, can pose to unaware habitats of Singaporean houses. Nonetheless, bugs are not as dangerous as many other types of creepy insects, but their devastating effects it cause can never be ignored.

Typically, these tiny insects called bedbugs are known to threaten the quality of your life. It achieves its objective by not only disturbing your good sleep every night but also keeping you awake the entire night. They proceed to sting your skin, making extremely itchy, reddish and even swollen. People with allergies are the most affected by their bites. However, keep reading this article to discover some natural remedies to eradicate them. Nonetheless, before that, there are some weird and exciting facts about bedbugs you did not know.

Weird and exciting facts about bedbugs
#1. Bedbugs are not associated with filth

It is common knowledge that many people believe that bug infestation is associated with garbage or dirty environment. The truth is that these insects do not multiply in a particular place simply because there is the presence of dirt or waste. They breed because there is ideal food (that is blood) and heat. Besides that, they well in areas where there is limited carbon dioxide that attacks them. In fact, bedbugs can infest in one of cleanest places without considering how poor or rich you are. This means that being rich does not prevent them from infecting your house and being poor doesn’t put you at a higher risk. However, bedbug infestations are sometimes associated with poor housekeeping because they have plenty of places to hide, but the fact remains they are not associated with filthiness!

#2. Bedbugs can stay without food for up to 18 months

How many days can you stay without food? Leave alone days, how many hours can you do without biting sipping a glass of water or milk? Well, it is unimaginable that a little creature can stay without food for close to two years. Based on nonprofessional understanding, you can urge that leaving your house unoccupied for a couple of months makes all the bedbugs suffer from hunger, and finally die. However, that is not the case, because the same day you check-in, you will be bitten like never before! Typically, bugs seek food (blood) every five to ten days, but they can go dormant for up to eighteen months without it. So, don’t run away from your home thinking that they will have died when you come back!

#3. Bugs and disease transmission
This is an area where there many ongoing medical types of research to ascertain whether these insects can transmit diseases. However, bedbugs are known to be carriers of some viral diseases such as Hepatitis B and plague. Besides that, some people do get severe scratches and scars out of skin infections.

#4. Multiply into millions without a couple of weeks

Bedbugs are some of the insects that reproduce very fast. It is believed that one bug can lay more than 500
times in its lifetime at a rate of five eggs in a single day. These eggs are hatched within one or two weeks.

#5. Practical option to eradicate bedbugs completely

Now that you have known bugs can infest and multiply threefold in your house, then you need to be worried if not eliminated on time. If you are bewildered about these creatures, you are not alone, and there’re valid reasons for it. Indeed, statistics shows that bugs infestation is on the rise not only in Singapore but also in the rest of the world. Many ways to kill and eradicate bugs have been put in place, but most of these pest control methods have yielded insignificant results. In most cases, people prefer spraying them with some of the strongest insecticides, but what happen…there are still there after two or three days! Perhaps newly hatched eggs have given rise to another generation of bugs. Besides that, it is not possible to soak your bed with pesticides or rather, breathe in poisonous gasses to get rid of these insects. We have an ultimate solution for you!

#6. Use Steam to kill bugs

The safest and surest method to kill and eradicate bugs completely is to use an extreme change in temperature. It is known that bugs are very sensitive to temperature changes, thereby making vulnerable them to being killed by either low or high temperatures. Nonetheless, it is simpler and easier to expose them to hotter temperatures so that both adults and eggs will die and never reproduce.

The most viable method to subject bugs to high temperatures to kill them is the use of steam vapor. As we all know, these creatures do not only infest bed they also live in drapes, carpets, and soft surfaces, so you should steam clean everything including mattresses, curtains, rugs, and even the walls to remove them completely and permanently. The point here is that everything should be washed with hot vapor or water and you will never see any bedbug around.


Now that you’ve known some of the weird and exciting facts about bedbugs and gone ahead to learn one useful option to eradicate them completely, it is upon you now to ensure that they do not come back again. Always remember that bedbugs are nuisance creatures and keeping them off your house leaves you in peace.