Tips How Prevent Aedes Mosquitoes Breeding Your House

Singapore is one of the best places to live in, and this is one of the most compelling reasons why people from all over the world flock to the urban area to build their own residence. However, living in Singapore would also mean that you have to effectively deal with the dreaded aedes mosquitoes.

Aedes mosquito can cause dengue fever which is considered as an acute febrile disease that can really be life threatening. It is transmitted by A. albopictus and A. aegypti, and it can breed rapidly inside one’s home.

1. Watering pails and cans should be properly stored.

Place these items under shelter so it won’t be able to accumulate rainwater. Take note that stagnant water serves as the best breeding place for dengue carrying mosquitoes.

2. Always check out your plant pot plates, and remove stored water therein.
You should thoroughly scrub and clean the plates so as to eradicate mosquito eggs. If possible, Singapore residents should avoid using plant pot plates.

3. Loosen the soil from potted plants.
This is to prevent stagnant water from accumulating on the hardened soil’s surface. Every other day, you should change the water in flower vases. Scrub and clean the inner side of these vases. Add the right amount of sand granular insecticides into the vase, gully trap, and roof gutter even though they are dry.

4. It would be best that you cover gully traps which are rarely utilized.
Moreover, it is recommended that you replace the gully traps with items that are non-perforated so you can effectively install anti-mosquito valve.

5. If you are living in an apartment with common corridors, avoid blocking the water flow in scupper drains.

Do not place plants in pots and other items over the scupper drain. No receptacles or trays should be placed on top or beneath any air conditioning units. Remember that you should not create any condition that is favourable for mosquitoes. Clear stagnant water as well as fallen leaves in the scupper drain and garden. This should be done on a weekly basis. The leaves can cause blockage to the drain which, in turn, will eventually result in the built-up of stagnant water.

6. After using several bamboo pole holders, it is always best to cover the same.

It is a fact that rainwater can potentially get stuck in these bamboo-made pole holders when they are not covered. Aedes mosquito rapidly accumulates in places, thereby creating their own habitat.

It important for everyone to fight the ill-effects of aedes mosquitoes. Cleanliness and proper care of the environment is the best thing that you should do to stop these mosquitoes from breeding inside your home. Also, it would help if you obtain the help of the best company that is capable of providing the right tools and equipment in fighting bugs and mosquitoes. These pest control specialists are always open to help you on a 24/7 basis!

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