6 Myths On Fumigation Service in Singapore

Are you suffering from mosquito problem? A lot of people think that their home is clean and they do not have to suffer from any kind of mosquito problems. But, they don’t realize that in the absence of preventive measures they’re always under the risk of having mosquito issue. In order to prevent your home with such infestations, it is imperative to hire a good fumigation service for mosquito control. However, there are various popular myths in Singaporean homes regarding mosquito issue.

 Let’s take a look at these myths:

 Lots of people think that mosquitoes are unstoppable and can’t be stopped by without taking any special measure. But, this is just half truth. Mosquitoes are very small in size and quick, but are definitely not unstoppable. On the other hand, baby mosquitoes are relatively smaller in size and may be difficult to stop. They are easily spotted due to their distinct appearance. The color and size of the mosquitoes may vary. You can easily distinguish them with their color and appearance. And the appearance could help you to stop them from intruding into your home.

 This is the second most popular myth among people in Singapore homes. Mosquitoes don’t just live in damp places. Lots of people think if they have mosquitoes issue then they only need to gets rids of the damp places. The fact is such kind of flies spread quickly to different parts of the house as well. They have remarkable growing rate. They just don’t live in damp places, but they can live and breed in a bowl of water as well.

 If you think that your house only get intruded with mosquitoes when you live in a poor or unhygienic neighbourhood. The fact is that these flies do not just breed in bad conditions. They can attack exclusive and high-end places as well.

 Lots of people think that they can gets rid of mosquitoes with the help of traditional home treatments. This is absolutely wrong! If you really want to gets rids of this problem permanently, then hiring fumigation service becomes a necessity. Seek professional help as soon as you find your home intruded by the killer mosquitoes. This will ensure permanent solution at the right time.

Myth#5 People who have perfect sanitation systems think that there is no way that mosquito could breed around their place. However, it is not at all true. Almost all the homes with perfect sanitation systems also suffer from the mosquito issue. Yes, it is true that you could control the breeding process of mosquitoes by keeping your place clean and dry but that is not enough to deal with the mosquito issue.

 If you think that mosquitoes are resistant to just simple mosquito repellents, then you would be surprised to know that normal coils are not the best preventing methods to control the mosquitoes. By the way, overuse of coils and liquids do develop resistance. This is the reason the professional fumigation services are always developing and inventing new methods to deal with this issue.

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