6 Myths On Bedbugs In Singapore

The Most Common Myths Of BedBugs Issue
You may think that your house is the cleanest house in the neighbourhood, so there is no way that bedbugs infestation can happen to you. But guess what? You can still suffer from the bedbugs issue if you don’t have any good or preventive measurement for bed bugs control. In fact, there are myths concerning the insects, and there are the most popular myths in Singaporean homes concerning bedbugs issue.

First myth is about the invisibility of the bug. Lots of people say that you can’t see the bed bugs, but it is not completely true. It is true that bedbugs is relatively small, but they are not in microscopic size. Baby bugs can be quite tiny, but adult bugs come within the size of between 3 mm and 5 mm, which is a size of apple seed. They are also easily spotted because they have this distinguished reddish brown covering.

The second myth is about the insects living in beds only. Lots of people say that if you have such issue, you only need to gets rid of your bed and you will be fine. In reality, such infestation can spread quite quickly and widely. This insect has remarkable growing rate. If you have such infestation, be sure that the bugs won’t only live inside your beds, but they may expand to the furniture, floor cracks, wall cracks, and other places that can be perfect breeding ground for them. Just figure out how to contact Pest Control Services immediately.

The third myth concerns where you live. Lots of people say that you can get such infestation and attack only when you live in low income neighborhood or you have very poor hygiene life. Such insects don’t distinguish whether they want to attack lousy neighborhood or exclusive one.

You can still suffer from the infestation even though you live in expensive, high end, and exclusive neighborhood. The bugs can travel and can sneak into everything. When your neighbors like traveling, for instance, and they accidentally pick up the bugs during one of their travels, the bugs can end up in your house, especially if you have direct connection to your neighbors – sewers, back yard connections, pipes, and such thing alike.

The fourth myth is that you can always deal with the issue on your own. That’s not true. If you find out such infestation at your house, contact Pest Control Services immediately. You need to ask for help from bed bugs control if you really want to gets rid of the problem for good.

The fifth myth is that you can’t suffer from bedbugs infestation when you only have metal beds. Well, the insects may not be interested in metal bed, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t live in floor or wall cracks. If you suspect yourself from having the infestation, immediately contact professional pest control to inspect and check your house – just to make sure.

The sixth myth is that the bugs are resistant to pesticides. The bugs actually can develop resistance toward the overuse of pesticides. That’s why bed bugs control companies always develop new system to deal with the issue. Because of it, it is imperative that you call them to help you with the issue.

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