6 Important Pest Control Tips In Singapore

The key to pest control is learning about the particular pest that has infested your home. After you learn about the pests that has infested your home, the next step is looking for the specific methods that will help you control the pests. It is important to appreciate a few facts before you decide on the chemical pest control. Pests, just like the other living creature need food, shelter and water to survive. In most cases removing all these important items may help you gets rid of your termites.

Preventing or reducing the invasion of pests calls for the following steps:

Fixing the leaky plumbing: 
When you fix the leaky plumbing and gets rid of the other sources of water found under the house plants and trays, you will deny these pests a place to get water. The pests will therefore need find an alternative place to get water which will be outside your premises.

Tightly sealing your food: 
Pests will invade your home if you do not remove garbage regularly from your home. When you also leave food scraps everywhere the pests will invade your premises and help you clear the food. However, when you dispose your garbage correctly and seal your food properly, these pests will be starved to death, if they continue seeking refuge in your house.

Disposing the pet’s water and food: 
Pests usually wreck havoc at night when you are asleep. When they come out pests will feed on any type of food that they will come across. It is therefore important to dispose your pet’s food at night. This will deny the nocturnal pest’s food and your premises and they might opt to look for food outside your premises.

Closing the hiding places and the entryways:
 When you close the entryways and hiding places of the pests in your home, you will deny them entry into your home or premises. Moreover, when you seal off their hiding place, they will suffocate to death due to the absence of oxygen. Some of the places that you should consider closing include crevices and cracks around the baseboards and cabinets.

When you apply the pesticides, it is important to keep your children and pets far away from the areas in which the pesticide has been applied. This is because the pesticides are usually very poisonous and may lead to death. Once all the preventive measures against the pests have been put into place, you may consider using bait stations or traps to gets rid of some pests. The bait station and traps are usually very effective. They can be used in areas that are regarded as being of lower risk exposure to the pesticides. The bait stations and traps should also be kept far away from children and pets.

You can consult the local extension service officer who will advise you on the areas use and not use the pesticides. He will also advise you on the best pesticide to use for a particular pest. Once you put the above pest control tips into practice sooner rather than later, you can gets rid of all the pests in your premises.

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