5 Ways To Keep Bed Bugs Away

bedbugs infestation is one of the most annoying and difficult problem to eradicate quickly. These disgusting and persistent saboteurs of sleep feed on human blood. The scary thing about bed bud is that they reproduce very quickly. Bed bugs do not carry any diseases and hence they are not life threatening in nature. However they are awfully vexatious and costly to exterminate them thoroughly. Bed bug bites can cause red itchy welts and total loss of sleep. They are indeed the worst thing ever but with lot of care and diligence you can gets rid of these crafty blood-suckers once for all.

Five ways to keep bed bugs away:

If you sense the presence of these real life vampires in our house then you have to immediately formulate and initiate the extermination plan. The best way to eliminate bedbugs infestation is early detection, regular inspection, routine cleaning and finally implementation of pest management techniques. The following steps ensure 100% removal of these pesky creatures.

1. Stopping the path of infestation:
 Bed bugs can be eliminated easily if they are detected once they have infested an environment. Many public places like hotels, theaters and restaurants are infested with bed bugs. Hence thoroughly clear and inspect luggage and clothing after a hotel stay or when you return from a theater. This can preventing bedbugs from invading your homes. If you suspect that you have been exposed to bedbugs when travelling clean out everything you have travelled with.

2. Take care when bringing in used furniture or clothing into your home:
Take care to wash and dry used clothes at high temperatures before using. Do not buy or inherit used or vintage furniture. Buying used furniture may be easy on your budget but it carries the potential risk of bedbugs. Never buy a used mattress as bed bugs are a scourge across the country. If in case you happen to buy used furniture you need to be very cautious.

3. Limit clutter:
Bedbugs loves cluttered area to breed and hide easily. The less cluttered the more organise your house is. More clutter offers excellent hiding places for these nocturnal pesky creatures. Remove all clutter to limit hiding places for these stray bed bugs. Remember bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate once they have established and infested your homes.

4. Vacuum mattresses and box spring:

Vacuum your bed, mattress, box spring and bed frame. Remove mattresses and box spring from the bed frame inspect thoroughly and vacuum. Both can now be sealed in encasements which help to preventing bedbugs from living on mattresses and box springs.

5. Hire a professional exterminator:
Hire an experienced and responsible professional exterminator who will devise a bedbugs control program to gets rid of these irksome creatures. In Singapore the professional bed bug controllers are duly licensed and registered persons who initiate effective measures to eradicate this problem completely.


If you suspect bedbugs infestation it is best to seek the help of trained and expert bed bug exterminators. They possess the tools and knowledge for effective treatment and removal of bedbugs infestation. Say good bye to these creepy bed bugs and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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