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What Are Some Of The Bed Bugs Symptoms?

No matter how you keep your home in Singapore clean and sanitized, bed bugs can still find their way into your home and start their infestation. For instance, if you stay in a hotel room that has bed bugs in it or if your kids spent a night at a friend’s place, any of you could bring back that ghastly pest and soon you will be getting bites all over your body. Before you start any treatment, though, it is important that you identify first if your bites are really caused by bed bugs. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and money for treating something that does not exist. Here are the common symptom of bedbugs infestation.

Bed Bug Symptoms

Bites On Skin

Bed bugs can stay on your bed, couch, and anywhere in your home, so do not assume that the bites you get while sitting on the floor is not from a bedbugs. Best to differentiate bedbugs bites from other types of bites is to inspect it closely. Usually bedbugs bite in clusters, so you may see more than one bite. These bites will form into red spots, which have a darker red tinge on the center. Bed bugs also usually attack exposed skin and these bites become very itchy.

Waste on Your Mattress

Bed bugs, just like any other insects, will leave waste and you can see this on your bed or sheets. Their waste is usually of a dark color or could have a faint yellow hue. Therefore, if get any bite on skin, it may be time to inspect your beds and sofas for any waste matter left behind by these insects. Since bed bugs usually hide on the seams and corners of the mattress or couch, you can start your search there. If you see any black spots that were not ordinarily there, then that is a sign that bed bugs are present. Aside from waste, you may even find dead bedugs on your mattress.

Presence of Blood Stains

To further be sure that bedbugs into your home in Singapore, look for bloodstains. Bed bugs leave this behind in their track, so you are like to find stains on your bed sheet, pillowcases, blankets, or even on your clothes.

Musty Odor

Bed bugs have a distinct odor that is easily identifiable. In fact, some people are very familiar with this odor that they can quickly say if there are bed bugs in the home even before they get bitten or see any of the other symptoms. The odor can be described as a bit similar to that of a coriander. You should also be alarmed if your home suddenly smells like moldy clothes. You can inspect the corners of your mattress or couch and if you find that odor emanating from there, then you probably have bedbugs and it is time to work on eradicating them.

Once you have confirmed the presence of bedbugs in your home in Singapore, then you can focus on cleaning your home to kill them. If the infestation is bad, you may need to hire professionals to finish the job for you.

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