Main Causes Of Bed Bugs And How To Control Them?

Main Causes Of Bed Bugs And How To Control Them – Bedbugs are a major problem throughout the world, with populations growing alarmingly in recent years. What is the main cause of bedbugs? Researchers are still trying to figure this out, but there are a few major theories that come up time and time again.

Bedbugs are small insects that feed off human blood from sleeping people at night and can reproduce very quickly (1 female can produce 500 eggs). Bedbug bites often leave a red welt on a person’s skin accompanied by intense itchiness and if bitten repeatedly, can lead to much more severe allergic reactions including rashes or welts.

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What Are The Main Causes Of Bed bugs?

Main Causes Of Bed Bugs And How To Control Them

1. Humans

It is a fact that humans are the main cause of bedbugs because they spread them to other people and locations using the clothes we wear, our furniture, and our homes. Bedbugs are small insects (about the size of a five pence piece) that inhabit all types of human habitats. They live in cracks and crevices in walls, floors, bedding, under beds, and sofas.

They can also travel fairly far by crossing open doorways or airborne. The reason they are such a problem is that they multiply quickly – when they bite they leave gory marks on their host’s skin which can later develop into rashes or welts.

2. Clothes infested

Clothing is the main source of bedbug infection. Every year millions of bedbugs are brought from abroad to sit in our homes and start breeding.

The main reason for this is that it is warm and humid outside which encourages them to reproduce. Bedbugs need a host to lay their eggs on so they can survive and remain hidden. When we go out for the day somewhere warm or humid, we bring home clothes that could be harboring millions of them in their folds and crevices.

3. Furniture

Bedbugs can also be brought into a home via furniture arriving from other places in the world where they are more common. They often come back to our homes on couches, beds, and mattresses which we have bought abroad because they do not show up at checks at customs.

4. Pets

This is a very common cause of bed bugs. They are much more often found on pets that sleep in the same room as their owners such as cats, dogs, or birds, and can often be traced to a source in the rest of the house where they live. Some conditions could be causing a higher than normal risk of bedbug infestation including long periods of dampness, allergies, and obesity/overweight.

Ways how to control bed bugs

1. Cleanliness

A well-maintained and clean home is an important way of managing a bedbug infestation. It is best to keep the public areas of the house in good order so that guests can enjoy them without having to worry about other kinds of pests.

Pay particular attention to light switches, alarm clocks, and electrical outlets as these are some of the most common places where bedbugs will hide. If possible, try to keep blinds up around windows and doors so that it is harder for an insect to get into a room.

Always check all furniture and beds before bringing them from another house on holiday or buying them second-hand, just in case an infestation may have already started.

2. Seal up the home

If you are surrounded by other properties and are worried about bedbugs being brought over to your house, there are ways to make it harder for an insect to get in. You can install seals and anti-bedbug doors in rooms that pets will not normally go into, but make sure that they are airtight so that bedbugs cannot squeeze out of the sides.

This will also help keep insects out of bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, which is particularly useful during the cold winter months in Singapore. Gaps around electrical sockets and switchboards can be filled with sealant or foam insulation so that even if someone was bitten by a bedbug it would have a much harder time finding its way back out again.

3. Eliminate clutter

Clutter is often a major area of bedbug favor and can be hard to manage. The best way to prevent the pests from taking up residence in your home is to keep the place as clean as possible.

To make sure you are making good use of all the surfaces that you have, try not to pile up too many boxes in your room. It may also help if you do not sleep on your bed and instead use a mattress on the floor or in a box so that there are fewer places for them to hide.

4. Stay away from bedbugs

If you are going away for a holiday or even just on a business trip, be sure to remove your duvet and pillows to avoid being bitten when you come back. They will also help to reduce the risk of bringing any other pests into your home from your accommodation. Be wary of accepting second-hand furniture either because you do not know where it has been previously.

Bedbugs can be living in almost any part of their home, not just the mattress and so you must check everywhere before bringing it into your place.

5. Use an insecticide

An insecticide that is used in spray, fogger, or aerosol can be applied to the bed, furniture, and even the bedding to make sure an infestation is not repeated. During a hotel stay or on holiday you can also use this method regularly if you want to keep the bugs out of your home and where you are going.

Be sure that these products are authorized so that they do not harm other insects if they get inhaled and make sure they are used safely.


Main Causes Of Bed Bugs And How To Control Them

Bed bugs are a common pest and do not cause many people any problems but can be very annoying if they are present. They are slightly more difficult to manage than other insects as they hide away in places that you would never expect them to.

However, the good news is that there are different ways how to get rid of bedbugs yourself, which hopefully this article – Main Causes Of Bed Bugs And How To Control Them – has helped you to understand.

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