Is It Possible To Permanently Remove Bed Bugs Completely

Ways to get rid of bed bugs permanently

1. Pesticides-

Insecticides if applied cautiously and directly to the bugs and their hiding places can help get rid of bedbugs for good. Some effective pesticides you can use to control bed bugs include:

· Diatomaceous earth-

An organic, toxic free powder made from fossilized plants. The powder is available in many local gardening stores and works by dehydrating and killing bed bugs when they come in contact with the powder. Sprinkle the powder in crevices and cracks in the infested area. The powder is however irritating and shouldn’t be applied directly on the bed

· Sprays-

There are different types of sprays such as soap and alcohol sprays than need to be sprayed directly to the affected area to kill bedbugs on contact. Sprays only kill bedbugs, you therefore need to repeat spray treatments to get rid of bedbugs that may hatch afterwards when using pesticides follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the label, choose less toxic pesticides and avoid spraying on top of sofas or mattresses.

2. Pest control company-

You can hire professional pest control services for serious bedbugs infestations. Some cases of bedbug infestations require the services of qualified, well-trained professionals to contain the problem. You can look for reliable exterminators online, or through recommendations. Ask friends and colleagues to refer you to reliable pest control companies they know. A pest control company will inspect your property for signs and extent of infestation, write a report detailed report on their findings and implement an effective action plan to treat the infestation and prevent future infestations.

3. Clean and disinfect infected areas-

It’s important to clean all the infested areas to kill the bed bugs and prevent future reoccurrences. Wash all the beddings, pillowcases, mattress covers with hot water and a good detergent. Get rid of any clutter and clean all the possible places that bedbugs are likely to hide. Wipe of any droppings eggs and dead bugs with hot soapy water. Look for items such as clothing that have signs of bed bug stains and wash them in hot water. If you suspect that other items in your home are infested, place them in a hot drier for around 20 minutes to kill the bugs and their eggs. After cleaning and drying the infested clothing, store them in a sealed plastic bag until you have completely gotten rid of the infestation. This will help get rid of bed bugs for good as well as prevent a re-infestation.

4. Seal all crevices and cracks-

Bed bugs hide in dark places such as cracks, crevices, bed frames and other dark places at home. Use clauk to seal joints and cracks in walls, cabinets, and shelves. Repair cracks and remove any old and loose wallpaper. Sealing cracks will help destroy places where bed bugs breed and live.

5. Heat treatments and vacuuming-

Use a heat steamer on the affected area to kill the bedbugs and their eggs. Bedbug steamers can be used on furniture, beddings, and clothes. Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures above 50 degree. Get rid of any items that cannot be steam cleaned, washed, or disinfected. You can also vacuum the affected bed frame, floor, mattress edges, tufts, and other infected environments. Bed bugs cling tightly on surfaces, let your vacuum run for some time to ensure to ensure that all the bed bugs and their eggs have been sucked into the vacuum bag. Once you are done, remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it in a sealed plastic bag. Afterwards wash the vacuum attachments with hot water and detergent to kill any residue eggs and bedbugs.

6. Prevent future infestations-

After successfully getting rid of bed bugs from your home, it’s important to implement preventative measures to prevent future infestations. Inspect your luggage after staying in hotels to avoid transferring bed bugs to your home, clear clutter, seal cracks, and maintain general body hygiene

Bed bugs are annoying but there are things you can do to get of them permanently as discussed above.