How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies?

How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies? Bathroom flies are those annoying pests that tend to enter the house through the window and find their way into the bathroom. The moment you see one, it’s already too late as they lay eggs and multiply at a fast rate.

To ensure that your bathroom remains clean-looking and does not form a source of attraction for other flies, read on – “How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies?”

Make sure there is no food outside or inside your bathroom

It may sound impractical but flies can never resist food. If fresh food is left outside or if garbage isn’t emptied frequently, these unwanted guests will keep coming back. When disposing of any leftover after eating out, make sure you cover it up tightly with a lid.

Clean the bathroom regularly and ensuring there is no water stagnating anywhere

Bathroom flies need a source of moisture to lay eggs and breed. If your bathroom remains wet for a long time, these insects will always find their way back.

To prevent that from happening, clean the bathrooms every day or at least once in two days by using disinfectant spray or liquid.

Also, ensure that there is no excess water in any corner of the house as this tends to attract lots of flies.

Use natural methods to get rid of them

Using natural remedies such as bay leaves, tea tree oil, etc. can help you get rid of these unwanted guests without affecting your health or harming other insects in your home. The best part is that these methods are environmentally friendly and prove to be beneficial for your bathroom hygiene.

Ensure all the windows are tightly closed

How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies?

Bathroom flies tend to enter the house through open windows and doors. To prevent such incidents from happening, make sure you close all your windows and doors 100 percent before leaving home for work or otherwise.

If water stagnates, use a disinfectant to get rid of them

This might sound like overkill, but if stagnant water is present in any corner of your bathroom, it can prove to be a breeding ground for flies as well as mosquitoes.

Also, try using disinfectant sprays or liquids, which will ensure that there is no dirt or filth in the bathroom and eventually kill these unwanted guests as well as other germs and bacteria present in such areas.

Clean food containers properly

How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies?

Ensure that you wash or wipe down any food container that is either left outdoors or inside the house immediately after use. Any leftover such food materials should be wrapped up tightly and disposed of as quickly as possible to prevent these unwanted guests from laying eggs.

Ensure no dirty clothes are lying around

If you leave your clothes unwashed for a long time, flies tend to lay their eggs on them, resulting in a lot of discomfort and irritation later on.

To avoid such problems, make sure you wash all your dirty clothes every day and store them properly so that they do not create a breeding ground for any kind of insect or bacteria. This will also prevent the spread of bacterial diseases, which can prove fatal if not treated on time.

Use air fresheners to get rid of them

Using air fresheners can prove to be very effective when it comes to getting rid of these guests. This method is environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm to either your health or the health of people around you.

Moreover, there are various types of air fresheners available in the market which you can use for this purpose. Make sure you purchase one that is suitable for your budget as well as the bathroom type.

Ensure there is no moisture left in the bathroom

How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies?

Bathroom flies tend to enter your home due to moist areas with dirt and filth in them. If you see any place in your bathroom with water stagnating, make sure you wipe it clean immediately or immerse it in hot soapy water for a few minutes before allowing it to dry naturally.

This will ensure that all bacteria present inside the water get killed after drying up thus minimizing your chances of getting infected by these diseases.

Use insect poison around drains

Ensure that you spray insect poisons just outside each drain of your bathroom or kitchen sink. This will help in killing all the flies that manage to get inside your house through these routes. Also, you can use a fly trap just below each drain and dispose of it once it is full and no more flies seem to be coming for a feed on the poison.

Keep your garbage bin closed

Bathroom flies tend to look for food sources near any place where they smell organic waste such as at your compost heap or rubbish bins. Hence, make sure you keep these places tightly shut so that there is no chance of entry by dirty insects such as these bathroom flies elsewhere in your home.

Use an insect zapper outside the house

How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies?

Using electric fly swatters outdoors can also prove to be very effective in getting rid of these guests. These devices utilize electricity to kill flies and mosquitoes in contact. However, you need to make sure that after use, they are properly cleaned and stored to ensure safety while using them again in the future.

How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies? – Conclusion

Flies are attracted to moist, dark areas. They can be found in drains, rotting food, and even old pet feces – all of which should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

If you’re noticing flies hovering near any potential breeding ground or your house is next door to a farm or other fly-friendly environment, it’s important that you take action quickly!

We hope you enjoyed and learned something new from this article – How to Get Rid Of Bathroom Flies? Good luck!

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