Common Office Pests in Singapore

Common Office Pests in Singapore – In the tropical climate of Singapore, a variety of pests have been spotted in our offices. These include cockroaches, ants, rodents, and silverfish. These pests normally pose no threat to people who work in offices unless they are disturbed by food remains or crowding.

However, these pests can cause damage to stationery and books if left unchecked. Destruction of books and stationery can result in a costly exercise for companies. Besides that, pests may also cause discomfort to occupants if breeding sites are not removed promptly.

Therefore, office goers need to understand the common types of pests found in our offices as well as their habits and control measures taken.

Common Office Pests in Singapore

1. Cockroach
Common Office Pests in Singapore

Cockroaches are the most common types of pests found in offices. This is due to their small size, which makes them difficult to spot. The two main species found in our office environment are the German cockroach and the Asian cockroach, although other species may occasionally be seen as well.

German cockroaches are usually found in warmer and humid kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. They usually appear at night when artificial lighting is switched off for a long time. Meanwhile, Asian cockroaches can be spotted more often during the day as they can survive on less food and water compared to German cockroaches.

Cockroach droppings are another sign that these pests may be present in our office environment as they resemble black pepper grains.

The presence of egg casings may also indicate infestation by roaches, as these egg casings look like small rice balls. However, other insects such as crickets or houseflies that produce similar-looking egg casings should not be ruled out too.

2. Ant

Ants are also common pests in our offices. They may appear suddenly in large numbers during the mid-summer months in search of food and water when they usually enter buildings through small cracks or openings along window sills, doors, or tiles that are not properly fitted.

Ants can be seen trailing along walls or floors to look for food sources such as crumbs left behind on tables or at floor corners.

Carpenter ants are more active at night time, while sugar ants can be spotted during the daytime looking for sweet substances such as honey and syrup. However, both of these species will bite if their nests come under threat, so you should always call pest control experts if you spot any signs of infestation.

3. Rodents

Rodents are smaller than cockroaches and ants, which means that they can enter our office environment through tinier openings such as air-conditioning ducts, roofing tiles, conduit pipes, and even tightly fitted window sills.

Rats tend to leave dropping along the pathways they travel, while mice will scatter their droppings evenly on surfaces throughout their paths. Besides droppings, these pests may also be spotted by their tracks of greasy smudges left behind on floors or walls.

4. Silverfish

Common Office Pests in Singapore

Silverfish are wingless, silvery-grey insects that look like fish. Although they pose no threat to office goers, silverfish will feed on organic materials such as stationery items made from paper, cloth, and leather.

These pests tend to live for a long time without food and can be found in cupboards or storage rooms where old books and documents are kept. The only effective solution is to contact pest control experts who have the knowledge and equipment to remove infestations in your office environment.

Aside from books and stationeries, silverfish may also be spotted by the trails of white spots they leave behind on surfaces that resemble ripped pieces of tissue paper. Fortunately, silverfish do not reproduce quickly, so spotting just a few of them is not a cause for alarm.

5. Bedbugs

Bedbugs feed on human blood and are thus commonly found in bedrooms where people stay. They tend to hide during the daytime and come out at night to feed, moving from one person’s bed to another as they spread along corridors or other rooms. This makes it difficult for individuals to spot these pests by themselves.

The presence of bedbugs can be detected by their red-brownish stains, which resemble small bloodstains left behind on mattresses and beddings. If you spot any signs of infestation, call pest control experts who will carry out a thorough inspection and treatment process before your office goes back into operation.

6. Woodlice

Woodlice are also known as ‘sowbugs’ and infestation occurs when they migrate from their natural habitat in wet logs or under stones to live in places with suitable conditions such as dark, moist areas.

They can be spotted crawling along walls and floors or across books and papers which they tend to eat. The presence of woodlice is not harmful, but it may cause damage to paper items by producing a mildew-type substance that leaves stains on them.

7. Mosquitoes

The common mosquito is a small pest that feeds on the blood of humans and animals, causing diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. It breeds in dirty water and can thus be found in empty bottles or other litter near rubbish bins, pails kept outdoors for mopping up floors, and shoes that hold water after rainfalls.

Mosquitoes breed very fast, so if you spot signs of infestation, call pest control experts to treat your office environment before it becomes difficult to manage.

8. Fruit flies

Common Office Pests in Singapore

Fruit flies are attracted by the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, which they lay their eggs inside after eating holes into them. These pests typically enter our offices through food brought from outside markets or supermarkets, which we consume without washing thoroughly.

Fruit flies can be spotted flying around near garbage bins, kitchenware, and especially food waste left on tabletops.

9. Termites

Common Office Pests in Singapore

Termites live in colonies and can be quite destructive to wooden structures such as furniture, flooring, and even structural parts of buildings. Their presence is usually only detected when it is too late, as they tend to remain hidden underneath the surface of wooden planks or walls.

If left untreated, they may cause serious damage, so call pest control experts who will carry out a thorough inspection and treatment process before your office reopens.

10. Pillbugs

Common Office Pests in Singapore

Pillbugs are also known as woodlice and can be found on the floor, on old furniture, or on a wall near a window that lets in plenty of sunlight. They feed on decaying plant matter but do not pose any harm to human beings.

However, they feed on books and papers, so spotting a few signals a potential threat to your office environment. If you spot signs of infestation, call pest control experts who will carry out a thorough inspection and treatment process before your office goes back into operation.

Common Office Pests in Singapore – Conclusion:

Insects and bugs can be destructive to our environment, and we need to ensure that they are not present in our home or office. The most common pests found in the office include silverfish, bedbugs, woodlice, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and termites.

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