What Are The Common Causes Of Bed Bugs Infestation

Contrary to common belief, bed bugs infestation is not caused by a dirty environment. As a matter of fact, bedbugs feed on animal and human blood hence there is no association between bedbugs and filth. As long as there is a constant supply of food (blood), bedbugs will infest even the cleanest places. More so, bedbugs do not consider how rich or poor you are. This means that as being rich does not prevent bedbugs from infesting your home and being poor does not put you at a greater risk. For bedbugs to invest your house, they must ride on something or someone.

The small size of bedbugs with almost no weight makes them very hard to notice even while walking around. This means that transporting them from one place to another does not require much effort. In fact, they can remain undetected for a very long time. As compared to mosquitoes, with them there is no buzz. Without producing any noise, chances of getting them on any man is very hard let alone animals. Remember, just like human beings, bed bugs also suck blood from animals. Interestingly, these pests suck a huge amount of blood hence checking them is very important if you want to curb their infestations.

But what causes bedbugs infestations?
· Failure to do routine home inspection-

No matter how clean your home is, failure to carry out routine inspection can make bed bugs infest your home. This is because there is always a possibility that pest will get through your home since they are small and fast moving. If you carry out regular cleaning and inspection you can locate their possible hiding places, monitor them and put an end to any future infestation.

· Carrying unnecessary things while travelling-

Although this is the most unlikely cause, it can be the reason for bed bugs infestations. Remember, the said pest can be in buses, trains, or hotels hence carrying so many items while travelling can give them so many items to attach or cling to. This increases the possibility of them coming to your home and infesting there.

· Hitchhiking-

This is considered as the most common way through which bedbugs can reach your home. You can pick bed bugs from places such as schools, laundries, movie theaters, among others. This is why it’s very important to be keen on who you are close to. More so, in case you are worried that you might have picked up bed bugs, you should immediately clean up the clothes that you were wearing or store them in a tight bag until you have the opportunity to clean them up.

· People visiting your home-

You can also get bedbugs from the guys visiting your home or get them from the outdoor openings to your home. It’s, therefore, very important to seal the openings to prevent them from getting in.

· Temperature-

Like many pests and animals, bed bugs will increase their infestations during the coldest and the hottest times of the year. Although the insects can withstand even the highest temperatures they often prefer to retreat with you to your comfort zone. After all, if you are not around they lose their main source of livelihood.

· Wildlife-

As much as bed bugs love sucking human blood, they are also fine with animal blood. This is why if you have a problem with animals such as bats around your home, you are likely to attract bedbugs. The same applies to pets such as dog. If they often spend a lot of time outdoors, chances are they will transfer the insects into your home. More so, since birds can also transfer bed bugs, bird feeders or bird births set close to your home can also promote bed bugs infestations as well.

Managing bed bugs infestations

Typically it’s always possible to pick bed bugs from anywhere. For instance, they have infested places such as gyms, offices, homes, stores, hotels among others. This is why without the help of a specialist, they can be very hard to control. Remember, bed bugs infestation does not depend on the cleanliness of a place. In fact, you can pick them up even from the cleanest hotel

· Chemical based or pesticides control-

This is not only the most common means bad it’s also the most effective means of managing bed bugs. It’s the method that was used when bed bugs was almost eradicated from the world. However, what makes it ineffective is that some of them develop resistance after using the chemicals for a long time. This is why now you cannot be sure of eradicating them fully using this method.

· DIY management-

For this to be effective it must be paired up with some other methods. However, in case the infestations is already severe it will be much better if you seek medical help.

· Chemical free management-

This method involves the use of heat, steam, vacuum or cold in killing the insects. In fact, currently organic based bed bug killing techniques are available. Although you may have to spend a lot of cash on this method, every money that you spend is worth it since they are effective and safe. However, always ensure that you take your time before settling on the best.

· In house prevention-

When at home, it’s very important to remove all the clutter to ensure that finding bed bugs is easy. Next, using the hottest temperature, wash and dry your linen. Also, closely inspect any second hand furniture before you can bring them into your home.

Final thoughts

Well, most causes of bed bugs infestation has to do with what you bring to your home. The best way to protect yourself and your home is to ensure that your home is properly sealed but most importantly be extra careful to ensure that they do not hitchhike inside you. Remember, bed bugs can cause a lot of side effects hence you should know the best method to get rid of them and stick to that. This will ensure that your home is free of bed bugs and you also have a peace of mind.