4 Best Methods To Kill Bed Bugs

Hey you Singaporean, are you looking for an effective way of getting rid bedbugs? There is nothing so annoying like having pests as part and parcel of your house as an occupant. Bed bugs are one nuisance that most Singaporean is trying to fight out but in vain. The good news is that these pests are not a permanent menace as they can be eradicated that easy. Believe it or not, there have been circumstances whereby guys have gone further to pull a trigger just to kill a pest. Is that really fine? No! It could be or not but the truth is that pests like bedbugs do suck a lot.

The bad news is that you cannot easily remove bed bugs because during the day, they are in a hideout but they come out at night to suck your blood. This makes it almost impossible to notice their existence or to understand that they are at your home. You don’t have to fall prey to bed bugs when they can be effectively eradicated that easy. No need to wander in despair anymore when these 4 Best Methods to Kill Bed Bugs can help you out of the menace;

1. Identify Hiding Places to Get Them Off
One always has to hit the nail on the head. You cannot expect bed bugs to move away yet they do have an ample place at your home. Your bedroom and home clutters should be free to avoid these pests. They do multiply each and every time and in most cases in house clutters. When they have manifested at your place, it could be near impossibility to get them out that easy. It is therefore better to prevent them from infesting your home. For example, you can choose to use smart tiles instead of carpets or you can also use a sofa set that is made using pure wood than one with upholstery. Your living room should also be more of vinyl than cotton that can hide the pest.

2. Washing Clothing
There is no doubt that these pests do love to hide on lines and clothing. The best way to kill them is to regularly wash all clothing no matter if they have been used or not. You should also empty all the cabinets and drawings and especially when they do have stuffs stashed on them. It is also wise if you consider putting away washables from non washable. Don’t mount your clothes anyhow but hang them to keep the pests at bay. If you wash your linens and clothing using hot water, this will automatically kill the bugs. Always put your clothes outdoor after washing so that the hot sun can kill the pest.

3. Thorough Home Cleaning
Your house should always be clean. Even though bed bugs do suck blood, they also do eat. You should not put left over carelessly. Make sure that your kitchen is always clean. Don’t stash utensils everywhere and especially when they have some food remaining. Your bed room should also be sparkling clean. The bugs do love to hide in places that have a lot of stuffs like in closets and shoe rack. Have you observed your baseboards? That is one place that they like to stay. Make sure to clean this place including beneath wallpaper, window frames, cracked paint and electrical outlets just to mention.

4. Using Sticky Tape
You should not be a victim of bedbugs when this one can work out. For example, you can place sticky pest on places where you suspect there has been a lot of bedbugs. Bed posts, walls and beneath wallpapers can be an ideal place to place these sticky tapes. Whenever a bedbugs lands on the sticky tapes, it would no longer move on and it will finally die due to starvation. Let no one lie to you that you cannot view a bedbugs by your own naked eye. If you believe so, let the tape do its work.


Long gone are the days when bed bus were a must have pest in your Singapore home. Using the above effective ways, bed bugs will no longer be a menace in your home. finding is hard, you can always seek the help of a Singaporean pest removal company and they will help you out.