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Multiple homes in Singapore are reeling under the weight of bedbug or pest infestations. While some people may take the threat posed here lightly, it is real and dangerous. Bedbugs can cause diseases. Pests make your life uncomfortable and generally weaken your health. At the same time, they may destroy property and leave you with bills that had not been planned for. Now, there is a wide range of companies in the country offering control options, but not all of them do what they promise. While some are real, others will hit you with prices that are over the top and then hang you out to dry.

We are one of the most preferred bed bug and pest control companies in Singapore, and there are reasons you should choose us.

We are licensed

While there are many options out there, most of the companies you check out do not have a license to exterminate pests. This poses a huge problem because licenses are a legal requirement. The only explanation as to why one would lack a license is because they are either unqualified in what they do or they have illegal products on their shelves. Legitimate companies like ours are backed by licensing bodies, and this is a measure of quality. With us, you do not have to worry about botched operations or illegal use of pesticides.

Our prices are fair

The bad companies will charge you prices that are over the top and then disappoint you when it comes to quality. You will find that their chemicals are not the best there is in the country. As a result, you might end up paying over and over again to solve the same problem. Other outfits pride themselves in being affordable, but in reality they offer very attractive prices and then offer very shoddy service. While prices are an important consideration in every business transaction, expensive services are not going to be the best all the time. On the flip side, the cheapest item in the market is not always going to mean that you got yourself a bargain. We offer pricing packages that are commensurate with the services we provide. In addition to that, we do not charge our customers for any hidden services. The implication here is that you will only pay for what is quoted. This policy has been in effect for a long time now and will stay the same for years to come.

Our technicians are trained

The science of controlling or exterminating pests has to be learned. No one can purport to just know what to do in the event of an infestation. You are going to come across many entities who claim to be able to solve your problem in a couple hours. This is fine, but then, they must be qualified in that field. A good technician knows when to use spraying chemicals and how to use them. The wrong use and disposal of these compounds can have a negative effect on the health of children and pets. As you can see, choosing a technician can make or break your whole project. You do not want someone who leaves traces of chemicals all over the place, putting the safety of children and pets in danger.

We are covered by insurance

Exterminating bugs and other pests is risky business. You have to think about all the danger posed to your health, that of your kids and even pets. There have been incidences in which people were hospitalized after inhaling the wrong chemicals during pest control activities. There have also been incidences of fire breaking out in such operations. We are a safe company to work with because we map out all contingences. Just to make sure that you are covered, we have taken out insurance policies that help ease your worry and ensure that any risk suffered can be legally mitigated.

Our experts have the requisite experience

Most people who have tried the science of pest control and extermination know that it is not easy at all. It requires training but more importantly, there is a need for the professional involved to have years of experience. Different chemicals work in different situations. There are incidences during which powders are more preferable than sprays. There are situations whereby pests have to be exterminated during a particular season. When a company has been around for as long as we have, then they know what to do in all situations. We have handled virtually all types of bed bugs and related problems over the years we have been in operation. As a client, you are guaranteed that whenever we get started, we know what needs to be done to rid you of that nagging problem. All you have to do is point us in the right direction. Never trust rookies with your pest control projects because the only guarantee there is that they will bungle the whole process.


Some pest control companies here in Singapore will keep you waiting before deciding to handle your problem. When they eventually get around to it, it becomes too late to do much because the problem is already aggravated. Others promise to be with you in a couple days but take weeks to get where you are. You deserve a company that responds to your need as soon as it crops up. If they promise to be with you in an hour, then they need to be with you in precisely 60 minutes. We have established a reputation of trust and reliability, so you can always be assured of our presence as long as contact has been made and an agreement reached.

Singapore’s weather is great for human inhabitation. The flip side is that this convenience spills over to bedbugs and other pests too. They find the perfect environment to grow and breed in our homes, and their presence in our lives is potentially dangerous. To rid yourself of associated risks, you need to acquire the services of a reliable control company, preferably one that has been around and for a while and understands local pests and their control methods. We are that company.
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